Corey Pein

Did Russia Encourage Far-Right German Coup Plot? - The Wednesday AM Quickie 12/13/22

A little good news up top, though it was a foregone conclusion once the House and Senate passed it: President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act [] yesterday, saying [

Trump Hosted a Gangster at His Golf Club as President - The Thursday AM Quickie 10/13/22

NBC and CNN [] are doing John Fetterman dirty. The Democratic Senate candidate gave an hour-long interview [] on video yesterday to a Pennsylvania newspaper with no problems. - Corey [] > Tell your

Trump Judge Again Rules Against Justice Department - The Friday AM Quickie 9/16/22

Biden's approval ratings are up quite a bit [] . He should just keep canceling people's debts and see how high they can go. - Corey [] > Tell your friends

Angry Lefties Vindicated By Manchin Reversal - The Friday AM Quickie 7/29/22

In personal news, I'm excited to go see the new Jordan Peele movie. That is all. Enjoy your weekends folks! Jack returns Monday. - Corey [] > Tell your friends to sign up for this M-F newsletter at []! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------