Pence Might Talk to Feds About How Trump Wanted Him Dead - The Thursday AM Quickie 11/24/22

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DOJ Wants to Interview Mike Pence in Jan. 6 Probe

The New York Times reports that Justice Department investigators want to interview Mike Pence as part of their inquiry into Donald Trump's Jan. 6, 2021 coup attempt, and that Pence "is open to considering the request." Pence refused to answer questions from the House committee investigating Jan. 6, claiming "Congress has no right to my testimony," but apparently views the criminal probe in a different light. (Far be it for me to accuse a Godly man such as Pence of harboring cynical and selfish motives, but perhaps he simply felt that while the House committee's efforts would help Democrats – or perhaps Liz Cheney – in some way, the Justice Department investigation could bolster his chances as a presidential candidate in 2024.) The DOJ hasn't yet subpoenaed Pence, but even if the former vice president agrees to cooperate, Trump is expected to try to stop him by asserting executive privilege. That's right, Trump will argue that Pence isn't allowed to talk about the time an angry mob tried to hang Pence from a gallows for declining to go along with Trump's treasonous conspiracy, because Trump said so, and getting elected once makes you king forever.


  • Surprise! Herschel Walker Cheated on His Taxes The Georgia Republican Senate candidate claimed a $1,500 tax break by asserting his primary residence was in Texas. via CNN.
  • Georgia Supreme Court Reinstates Abortion Ban "We will have to call patients who were scheduled for Saturday and disappoint them again," said a clinic director who joined a lawsuit to stop the state's 2019 law. via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • 'Vast Majority' of Ukraine Without Power, Kyiv Without Water Russian strikes targeting Ukrainian infrastructure seek to "freeze the country into submission." via the Associated Press.
  • Arizona Republican Demands Courts Declare Him Election Winner Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh filed a lawsuit against state agencies and officials as well as his Democratic opponent, Kris Mayes, calling for the election results to be reversed; the secretary of state's office calls Hamadeh's complaint "legally baseless and factually speculative." via the Washington Post.
  • Pennsylvania Republicans File Bogus Recount Petitions The state elections office calls the effort by supporters of failed gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano "a deliberate attempt to flout the will of the people." via the Philadelphia Inquirer.  
  • Police Attack Protesters Outside iPhone Factory Amid Labor Dispute Social media videos taken outside a Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, China show thousands of people confronting the authorities. via NBC News.
  • Tulsi Gabbard Gives Psyops Talk at Fort Bragg The former Democrat "discuss[ed] social media's impact on democracy, information warfare and disinformation, for students at the Army's 43-week psychological warfare school." via


10 percent

That's how much irrigated farmland California has lost due to drought since 2019, representing a loss of $1.7 billion in gross crop revenues and 12,000 agricultural jobs, according to a new report.


11/24: There is no show today! But there will be pretaped interviews tomorrow.


Man Who Took Down Q Club Gunman: I Was Protecting My Family

Meanwhile, the right is slandering Army veteran Richard Fierro for saving lives.

Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice Rewrite History on Jon Stewart's Show

Stewart has done some good with his new thing, but this panel...yeesh.


"Are they trying to trick us into voting for slavery? Why would they make it so confusing?"

-- John Miles, a 41-year-old Black truck driver in Louisiana, speaking to NBC News about why he voted "no" on a confusingly worded constitutional amendment to ban slavery in the state.

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