Supreme Court Coughs Up Trump's Tax Returns - The Wednesday AM Quickie 11/23/22

Big day of games. Before I woke up (and well before yesterday's letter had gone out), Saudi Arabia pulled off a surprise upset against Argentina, 2-1. Denmark and Tunisia fought to a 0-0 draw, as did Mexico and Poland, thanks to an incredible penalty save by legendary goalkeeper Memo Ochoa. But the highlight of the day was defending champions France drubbing Australia, pulling off a comeback win 4-1 after the Socceroos struck first. Anyway, we're off for Thanksgiving after today – there might be short newsletters going out, but that's Corey's perogative. I'll see you on Monday! - Jack

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The Supreme Court Stabs Trump in the Back

Here's an interesting wrinkle: the Supreme Court today signed off on the House of Representatives finally getting their hands on President Trump's full tax returns.

In case you weren't following closely (excusable, given the myriad other legal battles Trump is involved in), the former president was petitioning his handpicked Conservative majority on the Supreme Court to block Congress from obtaining his tax returns. Yes, this is the tax returns again – how many years have we been on this?

But at last, we may have some resolution, and some light on just how big of a fraud the big man actually is. And it's all because, well, Trump's handpicked court left him hanging out to dry. Look at this:

"No noted dissent." What a wonderful phrase. No noted dissent! The entire Supreme Court – Alito, Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, all of those right-wing firebrands – completely unwilling to throw the former President a bone.

That means two things: one, what happens to the tax returns. Congress finally gets the tax returns, and the powerful Ways and Means Committee has a rip at them. What does that mean? Well, we could see more federal or congressional action along the same lines of the New York State inquiries into Trump's business dealings. The NYT already revealed several years of Trump's returns, which showed that he really sucks at paying income tax (or is really good at not paying income tax), and that he often overinflated the value of his assets.

Second, it could be an indicator that the broader conservative movement – you know, the people behind the scenes like the Federalist Society (which places and controls the conservative members of the court) – are starting to turn away from Trump. This isn't the first time Trump's own court has ruled against him, but it is a particularly embarrassing one. And anything that humiliates Trump is probably a good thing for the fate of the nation.

White House Extends Student Loan Deadline Yet Again

The can. It's still rattling down the road. The Biden administration just took another huge hoof at the student loans can, further delaying the pause on expected payments for federal student loans. Per NBC News:

The payment pause, which was previously set to expire in January, will be extended until June 30 or until the litigation is resolved — whichever comes first. If the litigation has not been resolved by June 30, payments will resume 60 days after that.

Basically, Biden is freezing these as long as possible while conservatives try to shoot down his loan forgiveness plan in the courts.

Another Mass Shooting Strikes in Virginia

I cannot believe I'm writing this again, except I can believe it. A gunman has killed as many as 10 people in a Walmart near Chesapeake, Virginia late on Tuesday night. The shooter was found dead at the scene, though it's unclear how he died. Police did not fire any weapons, so it seems as though it may have been a murder-spree-suicide. This is horrific and the details are still very unclear, so I'll leave it at that.


  • Graham Finally Gets Hauled Before Grand Jury Lindsey Graham testified today, finally, after trying to dodge the Atlanta investigation into election interference for months. via NYT.
  • FTX Says Assets Still "Missing" OK, good luck finding those! via NYT.
  • McCarthy Calls for DHS Secretary to Resign I also think the DHS secretary should resign, but not because of "border issues" like the vile GOP, but because the DHS shouldn't exist. Anyway! via NBC News.
  • AP Hung a Reporter Out to Dry Over Russian Missile Miss Certainly seems like the reporter got used as a scapegoat for institutional failure here. via Semafor.


$13 billion

Amount that Twitter took out in loans to complete the Musk sale. Just putting that down there! No reason! Musk is doing great, I'm sure.


11/23: Sam and Emma host Astra Taylor, co-founder of the Debt Collective and author of the recent book Remake the World: Essays, Reflections, Rebellions, to discuss the recent updates on President Biden's student debt forgiveness plan. Then they are joined by Sarah Moran, the U.S. Country Director for GiveDirectly to discuss their work on guaranteed income initiatives. It's our last live show before Thanksgiving, so tune in!


My Pillow Guy Has 'Cyber Evidence' Proving Election Fraud & Dr. Oz Victory

My dirtiest secret is that I stayed somewhere that had these pillows once and they were actually pretty comfortable. Shame about the whole insane CEO thing!

Bret Weinstein HUMILIATED On His Own Podcast

This guy must have a thing for getting absolutely dunked on, because it certainly happens a lot. What a moron.


"We’re not going to see a repeat of what we saw last year at this time.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, saying that the U.S. has enough community protection that COVID shouldn't surge quite as high this year.

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Democrat Katie Hobbs Defeats MAGA Loon Kari Lake for Arizona Governor Lake, who has cast doubt on the results, relied on Trump advisers including former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell. via the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar Confirms GOP Tried to Recruit Him The conservative Democrat says a GOP lawmaker and "a couple folks on K Street" (consultants or lobbyists) tried to persuade him to beef up the likely GOP majority next year. via the Post.