Trump Coup Plotters Begin Surrendering Themselves in Georgia - The Wednesday AM Quickie 8/23/23

I don't wanna jinx it, but I think I'm finally over Covid. Two weeks gone in a feverish fog! What a drag that was! - Corey

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Republican B.S. Roundup: Whiny Wannbe Warlords

  • GOP Also-Rans Whine About Exclusion from Tonight's Presidential Primary Debate The Fox News-hosted debate in Milwaukee kicks off at 9pm Eastern Time, and several candidates who failed to hit 1 percent in national polls are upset they won't be getting airtime with the other hopeless hopefuls. via HuffPost and the New York Times.
  • Report: Trump to Surrender at Fulton County Jail Tomorrow Night The notoriously vain accused racketeer has requested an exemption from being photographed, "though it was not clear whether he will get special treatment." via the Guardian.
  • 2020 Coup Plotter John Eastman Booked in Georgia Last Night Trump co-consiprator Scott Hall, a bail bondsman, also turned himself in to Fulton County Jail; Rudy Giuliani is en route to Atlanta. via the Associated Press and NBC News.
  • Mar-a-Lago Techie Gets New Lawyer, Flips on Trump in Stolen Documents Case Yuscil Taveras, the IT director at Trump's Florida resort, changed his story about deleted security camera footage after after switching to a public defender from a lawyer paid for by Trump's Save America PAC. via NBC News.
  • D.C. Attorney General Investigating Federalist Society Honcho Leonard Leo "Best known as Donald Trump's White House 'court whisperer,' Leo played a behind-the-scenes role in the nominations of all three of the former president's Supreme Court justices and promoted them through his multi-billion-dollar network of nonprofits," which may have violated tax law. via Politico.
  • Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch Pays $840,000 to News Site He Accused of Libel The payment covers Australian website Crikey's legal costs in a lawsuit Rupert Murdoch's heir dropped in April; Crikey offended Murdoch by calling him an "unindicted co-conspirator" to the "unhinged traitor" Trump. via the NY Times.
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Forces U.S. Into Diplomatic Row with Mexico At issue are the "wrecking-ball-sized buoys" Abbott ordered placed in the Rio Grande river to stop migrants from crossing. via the Associated Press.
  • Bigoted 'Parents' Rights' Protesters March Again in Los Angeles "We've been trying to get kiddie porno smut books out of the schools," says a member of the anti-vax, anti-LGBTQ "Dad Army" who traveled from San Diego for a march from LA City Hall to the city school district headquarters. via the LA Times.
  • Right-Wing Industrialist Imagines Himself as a 'Warlord' in Post-Collapse U.S. Charles Haywood, who has ties to the far-right Claremont Institute, is funding an "armed patronage network" that anticipates "more-or-less open warfare with the federal government." via the Guardian.
  • Pride Flag Killer Had Long Anti-LGBTQ Social Media History A Twitter/X account linked to California shooting suspect Travis Ikeguchi "retweeted several posts with anti-LGBTQ sentiments from right-wing provocateur Matt Walsh...and far-right cable news channel One America News Network." via NBC News.

U.S. Faults Ukraine Military Leaders in 'Long, Bloody and Slow' Counteroffensive

The New York Times reports that Ukraine's allies in the U.S. and Europe have warned that its tactics and troop positioning are leading its counteroffensive to fail, and it needs to change its approach.

American officials have told Ukrainian leaders that they can secure the land around Bakhmut with far fewer troops and should reallocate forces to targets in the south. ...
Several U.S. officials said they expect Ukraine to make it about halfway to the Sea of Azov by winter, when cold weather may dictate another pause in the fighting. The senior U.S. official said that would be a "partial success." Some analysts say the counteroffensive will fall short of even that more limited goal.

Meanwhile, Russian air defenses took down another wave of drones in Moscow, with the military blaming Ukraine for the attacks. "Though drone attacks on Russian soil have occurred almost daily in recent weeks, they have caused little damage and no victims," the Associated Press reports.

Forecasters See More Firestorms in Our Future

With California still cleaning up after Tropical Storm Hilary, Texas is bracing for Tropical Storm Harold, and tens of thousands there have already lost power. The storms didn't stop GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott from sending a busload of migrants, including children and infants, from Brownsville to Los Angeles during a state of emergency. Meanwhile, some 150 million people in the Midwest and South are under extreme heat warnings, with temparatures in some places rising as high as 120 degrees Farenheit. In Kansas, the Washington Post reports, the heat index climbed to 130 degrees. A new study says climate change made this year's record-breaking Canadian wildfires twice as likely. But, as the LA Times reports, "rising temperatures are not the only reason for worsening wildfire activity.

Development, land-use practices and government policy are also conspiring to create conditions that are ripe for flames — even in seemingly unexpected places. ... Places that may have had a 1-in-1,000 chance of such a fire in the 20th century might now see risk levels closer to 1-in-100."


  • Bills in 33 States Seek to Bar Chinese Land Ownership "Asian American advocacy groups and legislators have raised alarm that the new bills go beyond national security concerns and could encourage discrimination against Chinese Americans at a time of rising hate crimes." via the Washington Post.
  • HUD Study: Federal Pandemic Aid Kept Homelessness from Rising The critical "resources included a child tax credit, emergency rental assistance, expanded unemployment benefits and a national eviction moratorium." via NBC News.
  • British Museum Was Warned About Artifacts Stolen By Insider A gem dealer who emailed museum officials with concerns about stolen gems in 2021 was told that after an investigation that all objects were accounted for "with no suggestion of any wrongdoing on behalf of any member of museum staff." via the New York Times.
  • Teamsters Vote Overwhelmingly to Approve New UPS Contract with Pay Boost "This is the template for how workers should be paid and protected nationwide, and nonunion companies like Amazon better pay attention," Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien says.



That's how many New Yorkers were victims of wage theft by employers in a five-year period ending in 2021, costing them more than $203 million in earnings, according to a ProPublica investigation.


8/23: It's Hump Day! First, Emma speaks with attorney Stephen Bright and James Kwak, law professor at the University of Connecticut, to discuss their recent book The Fear of Too Much Justice: Race, Poverty, and the Insistence of Inequality in the Criminal Courts. Then, she's joined by writer Katherine Stewart to discuss her recent piece in The New Republic entitled "The Claremont Institute: The Anti-Democracy Think Tank."


GOP Senator Says Trump Can't Beat Biden in 2024

"I don't think Americans will vote for someone who's been convicted."

Reporter Asks DeSantis Why No One Likes Him

Dude needs a mouthguard if he's gonna grind his teeth like that.


"He would deliver it by hand. The less movement in the account, the better, right?"

-- Lt. Col. Mauro Cid, a personal aide to the fascist former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who is now in jail for forgery, discussing the delivery of $25,000 cash to his boss in an audio message obtained by federal prosecutors. As the New York Times reports, Bolsonaro could soon be arrested on embezzlement charges for pocketing cash from the sale of luxury watches and other gifts he received from countries like Saudi Arabia while in office.

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