That Bible-Thumping Alabama Chief Justice Is More Crazy Than You Think - The Friday AM Quickie 2/23/24

Vice News, which has been an important source for this newsletter for years, is effectively going out of business, and the reason is much the same as with other recent media shutdowns – its corporate owners are unfathomably greedy and stupid. Be sure to check out this expose of "the Proud Boys Pastor" of Orange County by extremism reporter Tess Owen before the website goes offline. - Corey

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Republican Bullsh*t Roundup: More Confirmation Anti-Trans Bills Inspired Deadly Bullying

  • Fearing Voters, Some Republicans Try to Run From Alabama Embryo Ruling One day after endorsing the extremist Alabama ruling that effectively bans fertility treatments by saying "embryos, to me, are babies," GOP presidential wannabe Nikki Haley said "Alabama needs to go back and look at the law." via the Associated Press, NBC News, and Politico.
  • Alabama Chief Justice Appeared on QAnon Show That Claims World Leaders Belong to Satanic Cabal On the same day the Alabama Supreme Court issued its theocratic opinion on reproductive rights, a video was uploaded to Rumble in which Chief Justice Tom Parker is interviewed by Christian nationalist whackjob Johnny Enlow, who claims god has sent angels to help Donald Trump take down George Soros, that Aspiring Tsar Vladimir Putin is also on a mission from god, and "that the majority of other world leaders are 'satanic' ped*philes who 'steal blood.'" via HuffPost and NBC News.
  • Quack Florida Surgeon General Encourages Parents to Sick Send Kids to School During Measels Outbreak; Does Not Advise Vaccination "'The reason why there is a measles outbreak in Florida schools is because too many parents have not had their children protected by the safe and effective measles vaccine,' said John P. Moore, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College. 'And why is that? It's because anti-vaccine sentiment in Florida comes from the top of the public health food-chain: [Surgeon General] Joseph Ladapo.'" via the Washington Post.
  • GOP State Party Machines Have Been Broken By Corruption, Infighting, Scandal and Lunacy In Michigan, which holds its primary Tuesday, "Pete Hoekstra, the new party chairman officially recognized by the Republican National Committee, remains locked out of the state party servers and emails by the person clinging to power, Kristina Karamo"; both leaders support Trump, but they will hold separate nomination conventions to assign delegates from the primary. via the New York Times and the AP.
  • Dodgy FBI Informant Charged with Lying About Hunter Biden's Ukraine Business Re-Arrested; Prosecutors Feared His Russian Intel Contacts Might Help Him Flee Russian-speaking Israeli-U.S. dual citizen Alexander "Smirnov's claims have played a major part in the Republican effort in Congress to investigate the president and his family, and helped spark what is now a House impeachment inquiry into Biden." via the Post and the AP.
  • Trump Claims 'Presidential Immunity' in Stolen Documents Case "Trump's lawyers say the [Sick F*ck] had the right to designate presidential documents as personal ones under the [Presidential Records Act]. The Justice Department, however, has previously slammed that interpretation, saying the idea that a president could simply designate presidential documents as personal ones would go against the very purpose of the federal act." via the Post.
  • 'Who Is Liz Truss?' CPAC Organizer Asks as Former British Prime Minister Blames Her Failure on 'Deep State' Leftists "We've got a new kind of economics in the west," the short-lived PM-turned-punchline told a half-empty room at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington, D.C. yesterday. "It's called" – are you ready? – "'wokenomics.'" via the Guardian and Politico.
  • Judge Orders MyPillow Guy to Pay $5 Million to Fellow Trump Supporter Who Won 'Prove Mike Wrong' Contest "I wish people would get the lesson that it's okay to challenge your own beliefs," says computer forensics expert Robert Zeidman, who found that Mike Lindell's "data" on supposed fraud in the 2020 election consisted of "random numbers and letters." via the Post.

First Private Spacecraft Lands on the Moon

Let's not pretend that Intuitive Machines, the Houston company that built the Odysseus spacecraft that landed on the moon yesterday, exemplifies some bootstrapped libertarian ethic: the company got $118 million from the U.S. government, via NASA, build and operate the lander. With that crucial public support, Odysseus became the first U.S. spacecraft since 1972 to touch the lunar surface, a feat NASA Administrator Bill Nelson called "a giant leap forward for all of humanity." It was certainly a giant leap forward for commercialization of space; the Associated Press reports that in addition to NASA's scientific instruments, "Intuitive Machines sold space on the lander to Columbia Sportswear to fly its newest insulating jacket fabric; sculptor Jeff Koons for 125 mini moon figurines; and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for a set of cameras to capture pictures of the descending lander." Moon McDonald's when?

Ukraine Marks 2 Years of War Tomorrow

Aspiring Tsar Vladimir Putin launched Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine two years ago Saturday. The war "has challenged core assumptions" in the U.S. military regarding modern tactics and strategy and "complicated a long-held belief in the Pentagon that expensive precision weapons are central to winning America's conflicts," the Washington Post reports. It has also left Putin "not nearly as isolated as U.S. officials had hoped," according to the New York Times, with Russian oil selling "in record quantities" around the world and Putin's hold on power as strong as ever. The U.S. Treasury Department will announce more than 500 new sanctions on Russia today. Yesterday, President Joe Biden met in California with the widow and daughter of right-wing Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, and told them the sanctions would hold Putin accountable for Navalny's death in prison one week ago. Trump's political allies, for what it's worth, "could care less" about the matter.


  • Aid Delivery to Gaza Collapses as Israel Targets Convoy Guards with Airstrikes Meanwhile in Manhattan, more than a dozen pro-ceasefire protesters were arrested outside the offices of Democratic Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand; and in Michigan, Biden campaign surrogate Rep. Ro Khanna of California called for "policy change" on the war after meeting with Arab American and Muslim leaders. via the Washington Post
  • AMLO Doxxes Reporter Who Uncovered Another U.S. Investigation Into His Financial Ties to Drug Cartels Instead of responding to a request for comment from New York Times Mexico bureau chief Natalie Kitroeff, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador "decided to release Ms. Kitroeff's phone number on national television, a particularly threatening tactic in a country where so many journalists are harassed and killed." via the New York Times.
  • Switzerland Proposes U.N. Study Geoengineering to Counter Climate Change By Dimming the Sun "The Swiss proposal, submitted to the United Nations environment assembly that begins next week in Nairobi, focuses on solar radiation modification (SRM). This is a technique that aims to mimic the effect of a large volcanic eruption by filling the atmosphere with sulphur dioxide particles that reflect part of the sun's heat and light back into space." via the Guardian.
  • Centrism Isn't Working for Democrats, New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidate Warns Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's agenda for statewide office includes "affordable housing, reparations, baby bonds, desegregating schools and increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy"; the crowded Democratic field to succeed Gov. Phil Murphy also includes Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, teachers union president Sean Spiller, and at least five others. via Politico.



That's the minimum number of homeless people who died on the streets of Los Angeles County last year, the Guardian reports. The figure, which is certainly an undercount, is quadruple the annual total from a decade ago.


2/23: It's Casual Friday! Emma speaks with Krystal Ball, host of Breaking Points, to round up the week in news. Then, she is joined by actress and comedian Amanda Seales!


GOP’s Biden Impeachment Falls Apart BIG TIME

It's not like evidence ever really mattered to the Republican inquisitors.

Joe Rogan Spreads AIDS Denialism to Spotify's Massive Audience

This is not the kind of '80s nostalgia we need.


"Without any conclusive evidence available to us right now, we simply can't retain Bobi as the record holder and honestly claim to maintain the high standards we set ourselves. Of course, as with any record, we'll gladly assess any new evidence should we receive any."

-- Guinness World Records director of records Mark McKinley, speaking to CBS News about the organization's decision to rescind the title of world's oldest dog from Bobi the Portugese mastiff, who was over 31 years old, according to his owners. Veterinarians were skeptical, noting that Bobi's purported age was equivalent to 200 human years. Bobi's owners attributed his longevity to his peaceful home environment, never being leashed, and eating lots of people food.

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