Georgia Election Worker Felt Sure Rudy Giuliani Would Get Her Lynched - The Thursday AM Quickie 12/14/23

No way is December already halfway over. Is time speeding up? Did somebody trip over a cord at CERN? - Corey


12/14: It's an EmMajority Report Thursday! Emma speaks with writer and historian Rebecca Jane Morgan to discuss their recent book Gender Heretics: Evangelicals, Feminists, and the Alliance against Trans Liberation. Then, she speaks with Jonah Walters, postdoctoral scholar at UCLA's Institute for Society and Genetics, to discuss a book compilation he co-edited entitled Only The Good Die Young: The Verdict Against Henry Kissinger, published via Jacobin and Verso Books.


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Today you'll read about the real reasons for the bogus impeachment inquiry House Republicans launched against President Joe Biden, the lynching threats that followed Rudy Giuliani's lies about a Black Georgia election worker, and the shocking scene made by a fascist lawmaker in Poland to distract from the ascension of a pro-democracy prime minister.

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Republican Bullshit Roundup: The Biden Impeachment Farce Is Psychological Warfare

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