Biden Deploys DeNiro to Mock MAGA Goons at Trump's Trial - The Wednesday AM Quickie 5/29/24

I'm not sure exactly what Hollywood's problem is, but maybe they should look into how they're spending those massive marketing budgets. The first thing I heard about the new Mad Max and Garfield movies was that they bombed on opening weekend, and I'm squarely in the target demographic for a new Mad Max movie. - Corey

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Elections Watch: Trump Tells Donors He'll Deport 'Any Student That Protests'

  • Trump Flunky Fails to Unseat Texas GOP House Speaker Who Impeached Corrupt MAGA Ally Ken Paxton Also among the victors in last night's runoff elections in Texas: Democrat Lauren Ashley Simmons, a 36-year-old labor organizer who defeated a four-term incumbent in Houston, state Rep. Shawn Thierry, who had sided with Republicans on several anti-LGBTQ bills last year. via NBC News, the Texas Tribune, and the New York Times.
  • 'I'm Begging for Your Money,' Trump Tells Big Oil Donors While Flouting Campaign Finance Laws Trump also sold one of his two private jets, a Cessna Citation X worth an estimated $10 million, to Iranian American real estate developer Mehrdad Moayedi this month for an undisclosed sum. via the Washington Post and the Guardian.
  • Biden Campaign Activates Robert DeNiro to Argue with MAGA 'Gangsters' Outside Trump's New York Trial After a courthouse news conference in which he warned that Donald Trump will "destroy the world" if he returns to the White House, the famed actor "mixed it up with some pro-Trump protesters," responding "f*ck you" to a MAGA fan who called him "washed up," and vowing not to be intimidated. via the New York Times, Politico, and NBC News.
  • The DNC Has a Plan to Make Sure Biden Gets on Ohio's Ballot Despite GOP F*ckery The Democratic National Committee will hold a "virtual roll call" vote ahead of the August convention in Chicago in order to beat a ballot deadline that Ohio Republicans have refused to bend for Biden, as both parties have done for past candidates. via Politico and NBC News.
  • The Rent Is Too Damn High: Downballot Democrats Implore Biden to Put Housing Affordability 'Front and Center' "A shortage of housing, inflation and high interest rates are squeezing renters around the country and pricing out potential home buyers," with record numbers of telling pollsters that housing costs are a top concern. via the Washington Post.
  • Brain Worm Update: RFK Jr. Tells Tim Pool He Has a 'Visceral Reaction' Against 'Attacks' on Confederate Statues "I think we should celebrate who we are," the crank independent presidential candidate told the beanied right-wing streamer at the Libertarian National Convention, adding that "clearly Robert E. Lee had extraordinary qualities of leadership." via the Washington Post.
  • Republican Voter Suppression Laws in Multiple States Force Outreach Groups Like the League of Women Voters to Shut Down or Retreat to the Internet "We weren't willing to risk anyone getting charged by doing voter engagement work," says Anita Alexander of Loud Light Kansas, which stopped its registration efforts in minority communities due to a new state law that could see staff and volunteers charged with felonies if anyone mistakes them for elections officials. via the Associated Press.
  • 'Organized People Beats Organized Money': Rep. Cori Bush Predicts Defeat for AIPAC-Backed Primary Challenger The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, using money raised from people who Bush calls "far-right billionaires, anti-abortion extremists, and GOP megadonors," is spending upwards of $320,000 to try and replace Missouri's Squad Rep. with St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell in the state's Aug. 6 Democratic primary. via Politico.

Alito's Excuse for Pro-Insurrection Flag Falls Apart

Right-wing Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito claimed that the inverted American flag flying outside his Virginia home in Jan. 2021, in the manner promoted by supporters of Donald Trump's Jan. 6 coup attempt, was his wife Martha-Ann's doing. He said it was her response to an "objectionable and personally insulting" anti-Trump sign put up by a neighbor. Well, the New York Times, which broke the story about the Alitos' highly visible support for the Capitol insurrection, spoke to the neighbors in question, and they brought receipts that show that the dispute Alito referred to actually took place several weeks after he or his wife raised the inverted flag. The neighbors also say that Martha Ann Alito, on a stroll with her husband, "used an expletive and called them 'fascists,'" over the anti-Trump signs on their lawn. Another time, "Mrs. Alito ran toward their car and yelled something they did not understand" before "spit[ting] toward the vehicle." Charming! The neighbors eventually called the police, who declined to intervene. It's worth mentioning that Alito has never attempted to explain the other Jan. 6 flag flying outside his New Jersey beach house. Meanwhile, the Washington Post's Supreme Court reporter reflects that he "should have pushed harder" to publish the Alito flag story, which he and his editors sat on for three years. Despite his shameless demonstration of bias, Alito and his fellow justices will rule on two important Jan. 6 cases this summer.

Climate Clusterf*ck: 2,000 Feared Dead in Papua New Guinea Landslide That Followed Heavy Rains

  • Severe Storms Leave 1.4 Million Texans Without Power, Likely for Days to Come The heavy rain, powerful winds, and large hail also "knocked out power in at least 76 polling places." via the Washington Post and the Texas Tribune.
  • Heat Deaths Up 1,000 Percent in Maricopa County, Arizona as Global Temperatures Continue to Rise Higher temperatures are also carrying dengue fever into North America and Europe. via Politico, the New York Times, and NBC News.
  • Biden Administration Lays Out Rules for 'High-Integrity' Carbon Offsets Critics say the new rules, which are "are neither binding nor enforceable," don't go far enough to regulate voluntary carbon markets and that "there will still be plenty of cheap, ineffective offsets floating around that businesses can continue to buy without consequences." via the New York Times.
  • California Official Pleads Guilty to Stealing and Selling $25 Million in Water During Drought in 'Cat-Burglar-Style' Heist Former Panoche Water District head Dennis Falaschi, 78, led a conspiracy to siphon water from a federal canal and illegally divert it to farmers and ranchers. via the Los Angeles Times.


  • Judge in Trump Hush Money Trial to Deliver Jury Instructions This Morning The "catch-and-kill" scheme at the center of Trump's first criminal trial amounted to "overt election fraud" and "could very well be what got President Trump elected," New York prosecutor Joshua Steinglass told the jury during closing arguments yesterday. via NBC News, HuffPost, and the New York Times.
  • White House Says Israeli Airstrike on Rafah Tent Camp Doesn't Cross Biden's 'Red Line'; Bombing of Refugees Continues Meanwhile, an investigation by the Guardian and Israeli magazines +972 and Local Call shows that Israel "deployed its intelligence agencies to surveil, hack, pressure, smear and allegedly threaten senior [International Criminal Court] staff in an effort to derail the court's inquiries." via Politico and the Associated Press.
  • Georgian Parliament Overrides Presidential Veto of 'Russian Law' Cracking Down on Press and Civil Society Groups "Hundreds of riot police, many of them masked with balaclavas and clad in black, were deployed to the Parliament in the capital, Tbilisi, where thousands of Georgians gathered Tuesday evening to protest the decision." via the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.
  • Michigan State Trooper Catches Murder Charge for Running Down Fleeing Black Man in Unmarked SUV Detective Sgt. Brian Keely killed 25-year-old Samuel Sterling last month by pinning him against the wall of a Burger King in a Grand Rapids suburb with his police vehicle; announcing the charges against him, Democratic state Attorney General Dana Nessel says Keely's actions were "legally, grossly negligent." via the New York Times.


92.34 million

That's how many chickens have been prematurely killed and disposed of by American farmers since the start of a bird flu outbreak in 2022, according to the US Department of Agriculture. The latest cull, of 4.2 million chickens, is now underway in Iowa.


5/29: It’s Hump Day! Sam and Emma speak with Randall Eliason, white collar crime professor at George Washington University Law School and author of the Sidebars newsletter, to discuss the recent developments in all of Trump's criminal cases.


Georgia House Candidate Could Be First DSA Winner in Southeast

That's Gabriel Sanchez running in Smyrna.

Biden's Foreign Policy Is Crumbling

Emma speaks with Richard Beck, senior writer at n+1 Magazine, about his piece in the New Left Review titled "Bidenism Abroad."


"More than the offensive slur uttered by the pope, what is damaging is the institutional church's insistence on 'banning' gay men from the priesthood as if we all do not know (and minister alongside) many, many gifted, celibate, gay priests."

-- Natalia Imperatori-Lee, head of religious studies at Manhattan College, speaking to the Associated Press about Pope Francis' reported use of an Italian homophobic slur in a meeting this month with 200 bishops. Although the Vatican intially claimed Francis, a nonnative Italian speaker, may not have understood the slur's connotations, a spokesperson for the institution formally apologized on the pope's behalf yesterday.

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