All Eyes on the Supreme Court in 2024 - The Thursday AM Quickie 12/21/23

I refuse to recognize the forthcoming so-called "New Year." The past 12 months were stolen from me by the Deep State and Antifa! - Corey

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12/21: It's an EmMajority Report Thursday! She speaks with Timothy M. Gill, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to discuss his recent book Encountering US Empire in Socialist Venezuela: The Legacy of Race, Neo-Colonialism, and Democracy Promotion. Then, she is joined by David Adler, Co-General Coordinator of the Progressive International, to discuss Chilean voters' recent rejection of a new draft of the country's constitution.


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Today you'll read about the nationwide response to Colorado's Supreme Court removing Donald Trump from the presidential ballot, the fashy Polish Airheads who took over state TV studios, and how St. Louis leaders are responding to some local cops who beat up the owner of an LGBTQ bar after crashing into it with their cruiser.

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2024 Roundup: Nine Votes Could Matter Most

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