Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump; Secret Service Knew of Violent Plans - The Friday AM Quickie 10/14/22

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The Treason Show Season Finale: A Subpoena for Trump

The House committee investigating Donald Trump's Jan. 6, 2021 coup attempt held what was billed as its final televised hearing yesterday, and a lot of stunning new evidence was presented. I'll talk about that in a second, but first, the big news from the end of the hearing: Committee members voted unanimously to subpoena testimony and documents from Trump for his central role in the attack on the Capitol and the democratic process. Now, it's unlikely that Trump will comply, but there will be legal repercussions to however he chooses to handle the Congressional demand. The committee may still make criminal referrals.

And this much remains true, for all the valid reasons we have to feel cynical about our corrupted political system: Trump's victory in a courtroom setting is not guaranteed, even when he personally appointed the judges involved. Yesterday's other big headline was that the Supreme Court, which is dominated by conservative judges including three appointed by Trump, rejected Trump's emergency application for them to intervene in the Justice Department's stolen documents case against him. The court issued the denial without comment and, for Trump, the silence must be ominous. Now, on to the highlights from yesterday's House hearing.

  • "Fuck the voting, let's get right to the violence" -- so said Trump adviser Roger Stone, one day before the 2020 election, in footage shot by a Dutch documentary film crew that was following him around. The committee presented this and further evidence that Trump planned to fight the election results before a single ballot was cast. His former campaign manager told the committee Trump planned as early as July to claim he won even if he lost in November. Trump adviser Steve Bannon told Chinese associates before the election that Trump would "declare victory, but that doesn't mean he's the winner -- he's just going to say he's the winner."
  • The Secret Service knew Trump's supporters planned violence -- but what did they do? Weeks and days before the Capitol attack, agents traded emails with headings like "Armed and Ready, Mr. President," and with explicit warnings about groups like with Proud Boys saying "their plan is to literally kill people." Secret Service agents knew Trump supporters planned to bring sniper rifles and set up heavily armed "quick reaction forces" around the Capitol. They also knew that some wanted to kill Vice President Mike Pence if he refused to go along with Trump's plan to derail Congress's certification of electoral college votes on Jan. 6. Separately, at the Oath Keepers' seditious conspiracy trial, it emerged that group founder Stewart Rhodes "believed the Secret Service would be 'happy to have us out there' if Trump 'calls us up as militia.'"
  • Judicial Watch urged Trump to reject lawful ballots before election day. In an Oct. 31, 2020 email to Trump, Judicial Watch head Tom Fitton told Trump to declare victory on election day by declaring mail-in ballots illegitimate.
  • Congressional leaders huddled in a bunker during the attack as shown in dramatic footage taken by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Alexandra. As the Washington Post observes, the "video from the military bunker provides a historic window into how much Trump had abdicated power that day and how congressional leaders, along with Vice President Mike Pence, took charge of the national security apparatus."

There was more worth talking about, but I need to cut this off somewhere. All in all a standout first season for The Treason Show, one that exceeded expectations from fans and doubters alike. Don't be surprised if the cast comes back for an encore and to resolve this season-ending subpoena cliffhanger!

Thiel Caves to McConnell on GOP Campaign Funding

Creepy Republican tech billionaire Peter Thiel will reportedly put another $5 million behind his protegee Blake Masters' bid for an Arizona Senate seat, reversing his earlier decision to stop funding the campaign, the Washington Post reports. Thiel's turnabout comes after the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's leadership fund pulled its support for Masters, and then claimed it was unable to find donors willing to bankroll the weirdo's campaign. Thiel had argued that any additional funding from him in the race would be seized upon by Democrats to argue that anti-democracy oligarchs are trying to buy elections, which, well... yes indeed they are! Still, it's amusing to see McConnell call Thiel's bluff and win. Let them fight.

Major U.S. Grocery Chains Seek Merger; Will Feds Intervene?

Kroger and Albertson's could reach a deal this week to form a mega-grocer with 15 percent national market share, pending regulatory approval, Bloomberg News reports. Fast-rising food prices are one of the biggest drivers of inflation in the U.S., and corporate consolidation certainly won't help to reverse that trend, so such a deal would pose quite a test for President Joe Biden's Federal Trade Commission. Meanwhile, the Social Security cost-of-living increase we previewed the other day was formally announced. At 8.7 percent, it's the largest benefit increase in decades, but seniors who rely on the program tell the Associated Press it's "quite stingy" and won't keep pace with the price hikes they're seeing for food, medicine, housing, heating and other essentials.


  • Jury Rejects Death Penalty for Parkland, Florida School Shooter Jurors recommended a sentence of life in prison for Nikolas Cruz, who pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder in the 2018 massacre. via the Washington Post.
  • Texas Democratic Sheriff Signs Papers to Help Trafficked Migrants Get Visas Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar certified that the 50-some migrants flown to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts by Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis are crime victims, qualifying them for special U-visas. via GBH News.
  • Thousands of Ukrainian Children Deported to Russia "Whether or not they have parents, raising the children of war in another country or culture can be a marker of genocide, an attempt to erase the very identity of an enemy nation." via the Associated Press.
  • Biden to Admit 24,000 Venezuelans with U.S. Sponsors, Deport Many More to Mexico Immigrant advocates warn the new program "will also greatly expand a Trump-era policy [called Title 42] the Biden administration said in court it wanted to end." via NBC News.
  • Nazi Cop Helped Plan Charlottesville Hate Rally The Woburn, Massachusetts Police Department placed patrolman John Donnelly on leave after antifascists exposed his involvement in Unite the Right. via HuffPost.
  • Holocaust Survivor Presides Over Italian Parliament Power Transfer Senator-for-life Liliana Segre, 92, described a feeling of "vertigo" before Brothers of Italy delegation leader and Mussolini memorabilia collector Ignazio La Russa presented her with a bouquet. via the AP and the Guardian.


4 in 10

That's how many people with Covid-19 infections said they had not fully recovered after many months in a massive new study of tens of thousands of people in Scotland, one of the most important studies of Long Covid to date. One in twenty people in the study said they never recovered at all. Vaccination was associated with reduced risk of prolonged symptoms.


10/14: It's Day 2 of Sam reporting from the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada!


NBC Hit Piece on Fetterman Receives Fierce Backlash from Reporters

Ableism masquerading as news.

Herschel Walker's Surreal Cow Sex Parable Is So Bad

I've listened more than once and I'm still unsure as to the intended takeaway.


"The people's business cannot be conducted until we have these next two resignations."

-- Acting Los Angeles City Council President Mitch O'Farrell, announcing the cancellation of today's council meeting in response to protesters' demands that no meetings be held until every councilmember who participated in a racist conversation recorded last year and recently leaked online steps down from their position.

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