Trump Brags About Fueling House Speaker Chaos - The Wednesday AM Quickie 10/25/23

Hoping for the best for those in the path of Hurricane Otis. Apparently climate change is making it so Category 5 storms can materialize in a matter of hours. - Corey

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Republican Bullsh*t Roundup: Trump Lackeys Flip

  • Game of Musical Chairs Goes on as House GOP Names Mike Johnson Speaker Designate Republicans plan to hold an internal roll call vote this morning on the Louisiana Rep., who served on Donald Trump's impeachment defense team and aided his Jan. 6, 2021 coup attempt. via the New York Times and Politico.
  • Trump Gloats About Derailing 'Globalist RINO' Tom Emmer's Speaker Bid: 'He's Done... I Killed Him.' "Trump's arguments against Emmer were varied, but they basically boiled down to the single most important characteristic for Trump: supporting Trump." via the Washington Post and Politico.
  • Third Trump Lawyer, Jenna Ellis, Tearfully Pleads Guilty in Georgia Racketeering Case "Ellis's apology to [Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott] McAfee in court Tuesday seemed to implicate [the dangerously tipsy Rudy] Giuliani." via the Wash. Post and HuffPost.
  • Former Fixer Michael Cohen Testifies Trump Personally Ordered Up Fraudulent Business Statements At Trump's New York fraud trial yesterday, "Cohen testified that Trump would summon him and [Trump Organization finance chief Allen] Weisselberg and say, for example: 'I'm actually not worth four and a half billion dollars. I'm really worth more like six.'" via the Associated Press.
  • Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Granted Partial Immunity in Return for Jan. 6 Grand Jury Testimony Meadows told members of Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith's team that he didn't actually believe what he wrote in his book defending Trump's election lies, and that Trump knew he'd lost the 2020 election when he tried to overturn it. via ABC News and Bloomberg News.
  • Lone Republican Jew in Florida State Legislature Defects from DeSantis, Endorses Trump Gov. Ron DeSantis's former Jewish outreach chair, state Rep. Randy Fine explains his reasoning for backing Trump, whom Fine thinks will be tougher on pro-Palestine college students: "The Nazis are very disturbing and unsettling, but they're nowhere near as threatening as Hamas." via the Wash. Post.
  • Four Texas Counties Have Criminalized Travel for Abortion Meanwhile, proposed legislation introduced in at least four states "would undermine ballot initiatives adding abortion protections to state law." via the Times and ProPublica.
  • Washington State GOP Lawmaker Arrested in Hong Kong for Illegal Handgun in Luggage State Sen. Jeff Wilson says it was "an honest mistake" that he'd left a pistol in his carry-on bag when embarking on a five-week personal vacation to Southeast Asia; the typically responsible gun owner faces a court hearing Monday. via NBC News and the Seattle Times.

Gaza Hospitals May Run Out of Fuel Tonight

  • White House Says Cease-Fire 'Only Benefits Hamas' United Nations' secretary-general António Guterres yesterday reiterated his call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war to "ease epic suffering, make the delivery of aid easier and safer and facilitate the release of hostages." via the New York Times and the Guardian.
  • U.S. Intel Shares Some Details of 'Low Confidence' Report Blaming Palestinian Fighters for Hospital Strike Two main factors informed the U.S. assessment: the lack of structural damage to the Gaza City hospital and the trajectory of the presumed projectile as shown in videos from four locations. via the Washington Post, the Times and NBC News.
  • Gaza Death Toll Surges as Israeli Bombardment Levels Blocks of Homes Journalists' photos and videos showed how a "lifeless child who was dug out of the dirt from beneath concrete and a web of rebar where a house was destroyed in Khan Younis was wrapped in a blanket and laid on the side of a road next to an adult's body." via the Associated Press and BBC News.
  • 'Just Pray for Peace,' Says Mother of Murdered 6-Year-Old Palestinian American Boy The statement "was Hanaan Shahin's first public comments since she was stabbed more than a dozen times and her son, Wadea Al-Fayoume, was stabbed 26 times on Oct. 14 in an attack investigators have said was carried out by their landlord." via NBC News.

Eric Adams' Cop Buddy Throws His Weight Around

Timothy Pearson is a "longtime confidant" of New York City Mayor-Cop Eric Adams with a $242,600 City Hall salary, although no one seems quite sure what he does to deserve it. Per the New York Times, until last year Pearson was moonlighting at a casino while also drawing a police pension. Previously, the city claimed his duties included "working with law enforcement, advising the mayor on Covid recovery, interfacing with the business community and trying to keep city schools open during the pandemic." This week, however, Adams said Pearson's job "involved conducting spot checks at migrant shelters to make sure they were following the rules." And it was at one of those shelters where he ran into – make that caused – some trouble. The city Department of Investigation has opened a formal inquiry into an altercation Pearson had with shelter security officers last week. Pearson first refused to show ID, then "push[ed] a security guard so hard that she tumbled into the receptionist table," sparking a full-on "melee"; when cops arrived, they arrested the guard, not Pearson. Adams says his buddy has been under a lot of pressure lately, doing whatever his job is. Aren't we all.


  • Bad Trip: Pilot Blames Shrooms, 'Nervous Breakdown' for Attempted Hijacking Off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot Joseph Emerson told police he took an unknown quantity of psilocybin 48 hours before boarding a plane and trying to cut the engines on Sunday, but "experts were skeptical that [he] was still under the influence in the cockpit." via the New York Times.
  • California Regulators Yank Permits for Cruise Driverless Taxis "The suspension order said [GM subsidiary] Cruise failed to disclose all the relevant video from an Oct. 2 crash, initially showing only the first part of the crash to investigating state officials — omitting the part in which the Cruise vehicle dragged a pedestrian about 20 feet while pinned underneath the driverless vehicle." via the Los Angeles Times.
  • UAW Strike Expands to Texas GM Plant "If you're being treated unfairly, sooner or later you have to stand up," says one of the 5,000 workers who joined the picket line at General Motors' Arlington assembly plant. via the Associated Press and the Washington Post.
  • Iceland's Prime Minister Joins Nationwide Strike for Gender Equality "Trade unions, the strike's main organizers, called on women and nonbinary people to refuse paid and unpaid work, including chores." via the AP and the Guardian.


3.6 percent

That's how many Americans got the latest Covid-19 vaccine in the first five weeks it was available, Politico reports. That's significantly fewer than the number who've gotten their annual flu vaccine.


10/25: It's Hump Day! Emma speaks with Sophia Moccio and Aaron Habrack, ICU nurses at the Robert Wood Johnson hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to discuss the recent developments in their strike, which has lasted over 75 days. Then, Emma is joined by Bhaskar Sunkara, president of The Nation, to discuss his recent piece in The Guardian on the 40th anniversary of the coup in Grenada.


Republican Fakes Feminism to Distract From Scandal

Pay no attention to the luxury lectern!

Rep. Omar: 'How Many More Dead Palestinians Is Enough For You?'

There's only one Muslim former refugee in the U.S. Congress and a lot of right-wingers would like to keep it that way.


"It is worth reading what the definition of an orgy is... I perceive this as an obvious attack on the church, including the clergy and the faithful, in order to humiliate its position, tasks and mission."

-- Polish Roman Catholic Father Tomas Z., in a statement quibbling with the semantics of press reports about a recent gay orgy involving priests, including himself, "during which a male prostitute lost consciousness from an overdose of erectile dysfunction pills." Pope Francis yesterday accepted the resignation of the bishop in charge of the diocese, Grzegorz Kaszak.

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