The Rematch No One Really Wants - The Wednesday AM Quickie 3/6/24

This article claims cats aren't jerks, but I have been compiling an ample record of evidence to the contrary, including the fact that my cat is currently licking my computer monitor to get my attention and maybe a little kibble in his bowl. - Corey

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Elections Roundup: Biden and Trump Win Enough Delegates to Make Their Rematch Official

  • Kansas Republicans Take Turns Attacking Biden in Effigy at Friday Fundraiser Headlined By Ted Nugent Angry white people who paid up to $300 for entry to a Johnson County GOP fundraiser took turns punching, kicking, bludgeoning and otherwise violating a mannequin wearing a Biden mask and a "Let's Go Brandon" T-shirt; state GOP leaders dismissed as "disgruntled" a former state party chair who complained "this disgusting visualization of violence...does not help win independent and soft Republican voters." via the Associated Press and the Kansas City Star.
  • Seeking Teamsters Endorsement, Biden 'Got Really Passionate About Social Security' as Trump Threatens Cuts The likely endorsement of the 340,000-member union "has outsize political ramifications for Biden in key battleground states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania." via the Washington Post and NBC News.
  • Transcript Shows Special Counsel Investigating Bidens Stretched the Truth with Claims About Biden's Supposed Memory Lapse Justice Department Robert Hur's dubious allegation that Biden couldn't remember when his son Beau died "fed into questions about whether the 81-year-old president is fit to serve another term." via the AP.
  • The Incredible Shrinking House GOP Attempts to Rewrite Jan. 6 History as Testimony Points to Trump's Knowledge of Mob's Violent Intent The full account of Trump's presidential SUV driver, secret until this week, "adds to the body of evidence that captures Trump's state of mind on Jan. 6, a key aspect of the ongoing federal prosecution of the former president for attempting to subvert the election." via the AP and Politico.
  • Oh Boy: RFK Jr. Plans to Name His Running Mate Soon "Kennedy has spoken with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, former independent Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, former senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.), former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and life coach." via the Washington Post and Politico.
  • Thai Election Commission Moves to Dissolve Reformist Party That Won Last Year's Elections Move Forward won on a platform that included reforming Thailand's draconian lese-majesty law that ban criticism of the monarchy; a court subsequently ruled that discussing reform is itself illegal, and the party's leaders may now be banned from politics for 10 years. via the Guardian.
  • Russian Soldiers in Occupied Ukraine Go Door to Door with Ballot Boxes in Sham Election to Coerce Votes for Putin "Our citizens are very afraid. Of course if Russians with soldiers come to their flat and ask if they'd like to vote for Putin, everyone will say: OK, yes. Because everyone wants to save their life. But it does not mean that our citizens want to support Putin," explains Ivan Fedorov, governor of the party occupied Zaporizhzhia region. via BBC News.
  • Tenant Rights Advocate Takes Lead in LA City Council Race After Sending Voters 3,000 Handwritten Postcards Instead of Glossy Mailers Not only is tenants' attorney Ysabel Jurado beating incumbent Councilmember Kevin de León, progressive incumbent Nithya Raman may win reelection without a runoff after facing an opponent who took $1.35 million from landlords, police unions, and business lobbyists. via the Los Angeles Times.

Haiti's New Warlords Are Talking Revolution Now

Threatened by gang lords and under pressure from the U.S., Haitian Prime Minister-in-exile Ariel Henry agreed on Monday night to step down pending the formation of a transitional government, which is, per the New York Times, "expected to be created in the coming days" despite what critics call "a lack of transparency that smacked of international meddling and backroom deal-making." Other Caribbean leaders, joined by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, have been meeting in Jamaica to determine Haiti's fate. With no sitting government in Haiti, Kenya has hit pause on a plan financed by the U.S. and approved by the United Nations to send 1,000 troops to fight the gangs that have violently taken control of the Caribbean country. "Haitian people will choose who will govern them," cop-turned-gang leader Jimmy "Barbecue" Chérizier told reporters at "an impromptu news conference in Port-au-Prince" in which he cast himself as a revolutionary. With Haiti under the law of the gun, experts say the gangs are likely to force their way into any future power-sharing agreement.

Law and Order Report: Israeli Contractor Is Building 1,000 Surveillance Towers on U.S. Borders

  • Finally: Uvalde, Texas Police Chief Resigns After Commissioning Whitewashed Report Exonerating His Department "Together, we have achieved significant progress and milestones, and I take pride in the positive impact we've made during my tenure," 26-year police veteran Daniel Rodriguez, who was on vacation during the 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary, said in a statement announcing his imminent resignation, which did not mention the massacre. via the Texas Tribune and Politico.
  • NYPD Officers Punch and Tase a Man Holding a Toddler in Queens Migrant Shelter 1-year-old Yusneide Cordero, who was left "trembling" and lost control of his bowels after the police assault, was taken by New York City's child welfare agency along with his two brothers after his parents were arrested following an altercation stemming from inadequate food at the shelter. via the New York Times.
  • FBI Raids California Women's Prison Known as 'the Rape Club' The number of women who have come forward in lawsuits against federal Bureau of Prisons staff at FCI Dublin, including former Warden Ray Garcia, now totaling 63, is expected surpass 100. via the Los Angeles Times.
  • Two Mexican Federal Police Detectives Investigating Disappearance of 43 Students Briefly Go Missing "On Tuesday, student demonstrators broke into state prosecutors' offices in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state [where the 43 students notoriously went missing in 2014], set off explosives and burned 11 police patrol vehicles." via the Guardian.


  • Secular No More: India Enacts Citizenship Law Excluding Muslims Student protesters are burning copies of the Citizenship Amendment Act, a centerpiece of far-right Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi's agenda, passed parliament in 2019 but was delayed by massive protests. via the Associated Press and the Washington Post.
  • House to Vote on TikTok Ban Today; Senate Path Unclear The third-largest conservative political donor in America, registered libertarian Jeff Yass, owns a $21 billion stake in TikTok's China-based parent company, ByteDance; Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul has vowed to block any TikTok ban on First Amendment grounds. via the Washington Post and NBC News.
  • Federal Judiciary Bars 'Forum Shopping' in Cases Intended to Shift National Policy "In some cases filed by conservatives, such as the mifepristone challenge, plaintiffs have sought to take forum shopping even further, aiming to have cases assigned to a specific judge they think will take a favorable view of their arguments." via the New York Times.
  • Patagonia Workers in Nevada Form Union Without Opposition from Management "They're not instantly throwing their progressive values out the window, unlike other employers" such as REI and Trader Joe's, says Nick Helmreich, a worker at Patagonia's Reno store, which voted this month to join UFCW Local 711. via HuffPost.


47 percent

That's how many American parents with adult children report providing them some form of financial support -- $1,384 per month on average -- in an online survey, per the Guardian. Another new poll finds that 61 percent of U.S. renters believe that no matter how hard they work, they will never be able to afford to own a home.


3/13: It's Hump Day! Sam speaks with Nicholas Boni, writer, photographer and musician based in Brooklyn, & Cea Weaver, tenant organizer with Housing Justice For All in New York, to discuss Nicholas's recent piece in Jacobin entitled "Social Housing for New York Is on the Table". Then, Sam speaks with John Samuelsen, International President of the Transport Workers Union (TWU), to discuss the prospects of a commuter rail worker strike in Boston, where they've been without a contract for over 200 days.


Fox Host Goes FULL RACIST During Unhinged Rant

What you don't understand is they looked illegal!

Variety Magazine Distorts Oscar Winner's Gaza Speech

Here's another writeup.


"A neighbor told me she was trying to calm her children, who were frightened by the sound of warplanes flying over the house day and night. I tell them these are good booms."

-- England-born Israeli writer Joanna Chen, in an essay about "tread[ing] the line of empathy" after Oct. 7, published by the literary magazine Guernica and then removed after a backlash in which critics, including many associated with the magazine, called it a "rank piece of genocide apologia." Several editors have resigned from the magazine, founded in 2004 and vocal in its opposition to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and named after Picasso's celebrated antiwar painting depicting the "bad booms" of the Spanish civil war.

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