DOJ Finds Outrageous Racist Abuses By Louisville Cops - The Thursday AM Quickie 3/9/23

Jack posted an update yesterday with photos from his travels in Ukraine, so if you're wondering what he's up to since he left the newsletter, you can see here for yourself. - Corey


3/9: It's an EmMajority Report Thursday! Emma hosts Nick Seabrook, professor of political science and public administration at the University of North Florida, to discuss his recent book One Person One Vote: A Surprising History of Gerrymandering In America. Then, Emma's joined by writer Tim Shorrock, proprietor of The Shorrock Files on Patreon, to discuss the recent agreement by Japan and South Korea to offer reparations to South Korean laborers who were forced to work in Japan during wartime.


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Today you'll read about the Justice Department Civil Rights Division's latest investigations into racist local police departments, why CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp's accuser has given up his anonymity, and which Democratic Senate candidate used to have a job serving drinks to Pete Buttigieg and his Harvard pals.

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DOJ Finds More Than a Few Bad Apples in Louisville

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