Bernie Introduces 4-Day Work Week Bill - The Friday AM Quickie 3/15/24

Yesterday marked the appearance of the perfect Wall Street Journal headline: "I Always Knew I Was Different. I Just Didn't Know I Was a Sociopath." Hats off! - Corey

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Labor Roundup: Strike Threat Forces Oregon Employer to Back Down from Return-to-Office Mandate

  • Bernie Sanders Introduces the 'Thirty-Two Hour Work Week Act': 4 Days Work for All, Same Pay Plus Overtime "The financial gains from the major advancements in artificial intelligence, automation and new technology must benefit the working class, not just corporate CEOs and wealthy stockholders on Wall Street," the Vermont socialist Senator said. "It is time to reduce the stress level in our country and allow Americans to enjoy a better quality of life. It is time for a 32-hour workweek with no loss in pay." via NBC News.
  • Nippon Steel Not Ready to Honor United Steelworkers Contract Terms in Possible U.S. Steel Deal President Joe Biden opposes Nippon's proposed purchase of U.S. Steel; meanwhile in Japan, Nippon was among the major employers that agreed to union demands for the biggest pay raise for workers in three decades. via Bloomberg and the Financial Times.
  • Trump-Appointed Judge Rules Texas Employers Do Not Need to Help Protect Babies in the Womb The 2022 Pregnant Workers Fairness Act requires employers provide accommodations that "might range from protection against noxious chemicals to a simple chair provided for someone who stands on their feet all day." via Bloomberg News, the 19th and the National Law Review.
  • Private Equity Owners Are Short-Staffing Child Autism Clinics, Causing Neglect and Exploitation Researchers who've studied the impacts of private equity buyouts on healthcare companies advise states to "implement new minimum client-staff ratios at clinics and increase oversight of the industry." via NBC News.
  • Uber and Lyft Bail on Minneapolis After City Council Votes to Force Them to Pay Drivers $15.57 per Hour, the Local Minimum Wage "Both companies promised to push for statewide legislation that would counter the Minneapolis ordinance, and state House Republicans proposed a bill Thursday that would preempt local regulations of ride-hailing services." via the Associated Press.
  • Republicans Line Up with Big Tech to Fight Biden Labor Department Rule Protection Gig Workers "Construction workers, janitors, home health aides and other blue-collar workers classified as contractors are losing out on as much as $16,700 a year compared with what they would have made as regular employees, according to a study last year by the Economic Policy Institute." via the Los Angeles Times.
  • Majority of Non-White Admerican Adults, But Only 1 in 3 Whites, Believe College Athletes Should Be Able to Join Unions "These college athletes aren't making millions of dollars like the pros are. They have nothing really to fall back on. If they get injured, it's over," says one 62-year-old Black man and former union member who participated in the AP-NORC poll. via the AP.
  • 'Bezos Busted!': Kentucky Amazon Workers Celebrate NLRB Ruling Saying Management Broke the Law By Calling Cops on ALU Organizers The $1.5 billion Kentucky air hub where workers have been organizing in the face of an illegal union-busting campaign is at the center of Amazon's air transport network, "making it a prime target for labor actions." via the Washington Post.

Schumer Calls for an End to Netanyahu's Reign in Israel

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is one of the Democratic Party's biggest boosters of Israel as well as being the highest-level Jewish elected official in the U.S., yesterday gave a speech calling for "a new election" in Israel, and warning that far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's limitless tolerance for civilian deaths in Gaza is turning the country into a "a pariah opposed by the rest of the world." He also said that if Netanyahu stays in power, the U.S. "will have no choice but to play a more active role in shaping Israeli policy by using our leverage to change the present course." The Israeli ambassador called Schumer's speech "unhelpful." Lame duck GOP Leader Mitch McConnell joined Sen. John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democratic flake, in accusing Schumer of foreign election interference. Listen to Michigan manager Layla Elabed, who campaigned for the "uncommitted" Democratic primary vote, observed that Schumer "is beginning to shift but far too slowly and with little substance for what actions Biden can take now to stop the outrageous civilian death toll in Gaza." Biden visited Michigan again yesterday – and again dodged meeting with Arab American and Muslim leaders there. Community leaders in Chicago, meanwhile, refused a meeting with White House officials, saying it "would only act to whitewash months of White House inaction followed by meek handouts."

Trumpdates: Mnuchin Hopes to Buy TikTok

  • Florida Judge in Stolen Documents Case Rejects Trump Motion to Dismiss Meanwhile in New York, prosecutors requested a 30-day delay in Trump's criminal hush money trial to sift through 30,000 pages of potential new evidence. via the New York Times and HuffPost.
  • Indicted FBI Informant Behind Bogus Biden Corruption Claims Took at Least $600,000 from Trump Business Partners in Dubai Alexander Smirnov's relationship with a Trump-linked company called Economic Transformation Technologies began in 2020, the same year he began lying to the FBI about the Biden family's business in Ukraine. via the Guardian.
  • Trump Approved CIA Op to Spread Cold War-Style Covert Propaganda on Chinese Social Media The operation, which also "targeted public opinion in Southeast Asia, Africa and the South Pacific," risked "endangering dissidents, opposition groups critical of China and independent journalists." via Reuters.
  • U.S. Ambassador to Hungary Pours Cold Water on Orban's Love Fest with Trump In a speech yesterday, Ambassador David Pressman called out Prime Minister Viktor Orban's "close and expanding relationship with Russia" and "dangerously unhinged anti-American messaging"; Orban visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago last week and gushed, "We need him back more than ever!" via the Washington Post and the New York Times.


  • Report: Anti-LGBTQ Ohio Republican Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno Solicited Gay Sex Online Meanwhile, creepy Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz was subpoenaed by a woman who claims she was trafficked and had sex with him when she was 17. via the Associated Press and ABC News.
  • Jury Finds Michigan School Shooter's Dad Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter Prosecutors showed jurors private messages and journal entries written by James Crumbley's son Ethan in which he described how his parents denied him help with his increasingly urgent mental problems, instead telling him to "suck it up." via the AP and HuffPost.
  • Another SpaceX Rocket Intended to Carry Astronauts Explodes During Test Flight "On the whole, Thursday's [supposedly "succesful"] test encompassed a fraction of the remaining demonstrations and missions the vehicle must get through before it is proven safe enough to fly people to space." via Reuters.
  • Argentina's Senate Rejects Milei's Economic Shock Therapy Decree The AnCap crackpot president responded to the rejection by scaling down his decree, which originally contained over 600 articles, down to a new bill with 269 articles "aiming to privatise state companies, expand presidential powers, and replace the system for calculating pension increases." via Reuters and the Financial Times.



That's the minimum number of state and local police officers who were charged with crimes involving child sexual abuse between 2005 and 2022, according to a Washington Post investigation. "In case after case, officers intentionally earned the trust of parents and guardians, created opportunities to get kids alone and threatened repercussions for broken silence," the Post reports. "Unlike teachers and priests, they did it all while wielding the power of their badges and guns."


3/15: It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma speak with Jeet Heer, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, to round up the week in news. And then, they're joined by Matthew Film Guy


TikTok Ban Exposes USA's Out-of-Touch Gerontocracy

Pelosi's back with another banger!

Charlie Kirk TERRIFIED of RFK Threat to Trump

Dude is kidding himself if he thinks Trump is going to stop bragging.


"The left has misunderstood what my intention was in posting this meme... I am taking about Cannibalism as defined as the consumption of another human's flesh."

-- Trump-loving lunatic Infowars huckster Alex Jones, in an X post explaining the intended meaning of a self-quotation he posted yesterday, alongside his portrait, that read: "I will eat your leftist ass." Meanwhile, New York Jets quarterback and possible RFK Jr. running mate Aaron Rodgers denied that he parroted a conspiracy theory about the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary promoted by Jones.

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