Why Did The FBI Search Mar-A-Lago? - The Friday AM Quickie 8/19/22

An affidavit? For us? Wow. But it'll be heavily redacted. Have a good weekend everyone! - Jack

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Judge Orders Trump Search Document Can Be Unsealed, With Lots of Black Ink

Well here's some answers, maybe. On Thursday, federal judge Bruce Reinhart said that he was leaning towards releasing the extremely secret and sensitive affidavit that was used to justify the FBI's warrant to search Mar-A-Lago. This document is obviously massively in the public interest – we all deserve to know exactly what the DOJ had on Trump that made them pursue the warrant, and Reinhart seems to agree.

The catch, however? If we do see it, it's going to be covered in black ink. Reinhart said that the government should "propose redactions" to him so that he can unseal part of the document. Reinhart's general point is that the government “had not met its burden of showing that the entire affidavit should remain sealed.”

That makes sense. But what information would we actually glean for whatever's left of the document after the government gets done blocking things out? (Reinhart mentioned that the redaction process often produced “meaningless gibberish.”)

Per the Times:

In its fullest form, the affidavit supporting the warrant would reveal critical details of the broader investigation into Mr. Trump’s handling of sensitive documents, chief among them what led prosecutors to believe there was probable cause that evidence of a crime existed at Mar-a-Lago. Even a redacted version could shed light on aspects of the inquiry, such as the back-and-forth negotiations between Mr. Trump and federal prosecutors about returning the documents, a crucial step in showing that the former president may have willfully kept them in his possession.

Sounds interesting to me! Let's hope whatever we get out of this is somewhat legible (or, even better, that the full document leaks, DOJ lawyers, if you're reading this, my email and secure contact information are on my website, I'm not a scoop guy but come on, it could be fun!! Eh?)

Biden Admin Slammed For "Unscientific" Monkeypox Vax Program

The CDC's vaccination program should be flawless by now. And yet, the Monkeypox rollout has still been an absolute mess. The Times reports that the White House is sending 1.8 million doses of the vaccine to certain jurisdictions that are using a new protocol that stretches doses as thinly as possible, in a way that some scientists think is wildly irresponsible. The new protocol administers the vaccine differently (under the skin) where it's supposed to only require 1/5 of the dose as a normal jab. (They're doing this because they don't want to buy new doses.)

From the Times:

“What they are doing now, first and foremost, is unscientific,” said Joseph Osmundson, a virologist at New York University. “To pretend that 100 percent of doses will be given intradermally is incorrect.”

Sounds like a great plan, guys.

Study Shows Fracking is Linked to Cancer in Kids

A new study from Yale University shows us a distressing truth that many already suspected: proximity to fracking sites shows a strong link to increased rates of childhood cancer. Per the study, "Pennsylvania children living near unconventional oil and gas (UOG) developments at birth were two to three times more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia between the ages of 2 and 7 than those who did not live near this oil and gas activity, after accounting for other factors that could influence cancer risk." That's a brutal statistic, and one that has surely brought many families unimaginable grief.


  • Starbucks Ordered to Reinstate "Memphis Seven" Organizers A court filing in Tennessee indicates that the company will be forced to reinstate seven employees it fired, allegedly for their union organizing activity. via the Daily Dot.
  • Judge Says DeSantis's "Stop Woke" Law is Unconstitutional A Tallahassee district judge said the law violated the First Amendment and was way too vague. via HuffPo.
  • Election Officials in Texas Resigning Over Death Threats This is the environment the GOP desperately wants before 2024. via NYT.
  • Chevron Sponsoring Weird "Local News" Site in South Texas They've done this in California as well, targeting news deserted communities with fossil-fuel propaganda. via Gizmodo.
  • "Woke" CEO Resigns Just Before NYT Bombshell Details Abuse Anyone remember Dan Price, the left-leaning CEO who gets retweeted for saying stuff like "I pay women well!!" all the time? Yeah, he's an alleged abuser. via NYT.



Number of people killed in two separate rocket attacks in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Thursday. 42 others were wounded. Just one small example of the daily grind of death that goes on and on in the country.


8/19 It's Casual Friday! Sam hosts Heather Digby Parton, contributing writer at Salon.com and proprietor of the blog Hullabaloo, to round up the week in news. Then, Sam is joined by Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, candidate for Congress in New York's 10th Congressional District, to give an update from the campaign trail ahead of next Tuesday's primary.


Matt Gaetz Accused Of Being FBI Informant Behind Raid On Trump

Come on. You think the guy in that picture above could be a rat for the FEDS? Ah, wait, yeah, no that could happen.

Fox News Mercilessly Dunks On Dr Oz's Extraordinarily Bad Senate Campaign

Man, when you've even lost Fox News, things are getting dire.


“He’s not, in my opinion, mentally stable. He wanted to hang my friend, Mike Pence, and took three busloads of people to the Capitol.”

– Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan, on his prospective successor, a far right conspiracy moron named Dan Cox.

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