IDF Converges on Gaza Hospital - The Monday AM Quickie 11/13/23

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Al-Shifa Hospital at the Center of Gaza Crisis

As Israel's ferocious attack on Gaza continues, the Palestinian territory's hospitals, which are crowded with thousands of displaced people, have been subjected to bombing, snipers, and cuts in fuel, internet access, and electricity. Over the weekend, reports appeared of premature babies who died when their incubators lost power and doctors tending to patients by the light of their cell phones. Surgeries are being conducted without anesthetic while food and clean water remain scarce. The Israeli government accused Hamas of hiding a command post underneath Al Shifa hospital, a claim that's been repeatedly denied by hospital workers and foreign volunteers. The IDF has demanded that Hamas surrender the hospital complex, which remains packed with people.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians have moved south, mostly on foot, through a "humanitarian corridor" opened by Israeli forces. Avi Dichter, the former head of Shin Bet who now serves as Israel's Agriculture Ministrer, was asked on Israeli television about footage of refugees that recalled the Nakba, the forced displacement of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Dichter said, apparently proudly, that Israel was doing exactly that: "We are now rolling out the Gaza Nakba," said the former secret policeman. He described it as an operational necessity.

Biden Administration Seeks Better China Military Ties

Among the United States' goals for President Joe Biden's Wednesday summit with Chinese President Xi Jingping: improved military relations. The US wants to reopen lines of communication that have been "basically severed," said White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan. "We need those lines of communication so that there aren't mistakes or miscalculations or miscommunication," he said on Sunday. (You might remember top US general Mark Milley, in the waning days of the Trump imperium, secretly assuring his Chinese counterpart that the US didn't want a war.) Biden and Xi are also expected to discuss the Israel-Hamas war, Iran, and a trade war over China's tech ambitions.

Elections Roundup: Biden Kinda Sorta Has Primary Challengers

  • Rep. Dean Phillips Is Trying Dean Phillips, a deca-millionaire vodka heir who represents Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, insists he's running for the Democratic Party nomination against President Joe Biden. He says he'll spend a lot of his money doing it. Okay, Dean. via CNN.
  • Gavin Newsom Is Not Not Running California Governor Gavin Newsom shows signs of running what's been called a "shadow campaign" for the Democratic nomination. The would-be Biden challenger has a PAC targeting Republican states and last week donated to a Democratic politician in South Carolina, an early primary state. via The Guardian.
  • Tim Scott Presents Girlfriend, Suspends Campaign At the end of last week's GOP presidential debate, Senator Tim Scott unveiled his much-anticipated love interest, who turned out not to be a model in Canada (you wouldn't know her) but rather a real estate professional from South Carolina. On Sunday, Scott told Fox's Trey Gowdy that he was suspending his campaign. via The Hill.
  • Ronna McDaniel Defends Herself After a week of electoral losses, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee bashed party leaders for criticizing one another – and her – rather than President Biden. "We have to talk compassionately. We can’t attack women," McDaniel said on NBC, without naming specific policies. via Bloomberg.


  • US Conducts Air Strikes in Syria US forces launched two air strikes against Iranian-sponsored groups in Syria, reportedly hitting a "training facility" and a "safe house." It's the third set of US strikes in Syria in the last few weeks. via Reuters.
  • Canadian Designer Peter Nygard Convicted of Sexual Assault Fashion mogul Peter Nygard, who faces numerous accusations of sexual assault, was found guilty of four counts in a Canadian criminal court. He faces civil lawsuits and other criminal charges, including a pending extradition for a sex trafficking and racketeering case in New York. via The Guardian and The New York Times.
  • Five Soldiers Killed In Helicopter Crash The US military suffered what it described as "a mishap during routine air refueling training" involving an MH-60 helicopter off the southeastern coast of Cyprus. Five US Army Special Operations troops were killed in an incident that anonymous officials were careful to note was not connected to US support for Israel's war in Gaza. via The Washington Post.
  • Record Number of Migrants Braving Southern Border Fleeing violent crime, political persecution, and economic and environmental deprivation, more than 2.4 million people were arrested at the southern border in the last year. Migrants and asylum seekers face physical dangers, a militarized border, a byzantine immigration bureaucracy, and the full ire of the Republican party. via NPR.



That's when current New York City Mayor Eric Adams first took a trip to Turkey on that government's tab. The FBI is investigating donations allegedly funneled to Adams' political campaign from the Turkish government. On November 2, the FBI raided the home of the mayor's 25-year-old chief fundraiser, and last week, federal agents seized and made copies of hizzoner's electronic devices. So far, it's unclear what the quid pro quo might have been, though the Times took a look at an expensive new Turkish consular building with some fire code violations. "I have nothing to hide," said Adams.


11/13: Happy Monday! Sam and Emma speak with Malaika Jabali, senior news and politics editor at Essence Magazine, to discuss her recent book It's Not You, It's Capitalism: Why It's Time to Break Up and How to Move On.


Meghan McCain TERRIFIED Pro-Palestine Demonstrations Will Cause Terrorist Attacks At Chuck E. Cheese

Elite pundits and nepo babies alike are absolutely terrified of peaceful political protests.

Uncovered Video Shows Mike Johnson Bragging About Spying On His Son's Porn Habits

This is normal, right? Right??


"There’s always a chance I might change my mind. But by talking to you, it makes it hard for me to change my mind. My husband doesn’t want me to give them any more money, and he’s right. I know they’re going to be pestering me like crazy. And by talking to you, it’s going to lock me out of the cycle for 2024."

-- Peter Thiel, the right-wing tech oligarch and GOP mega-donor, speaking to the journalist Barton Gellman, about his decision not to donate to Republican politicians in 2024. Thiel, who famously is indifferent to small-d democracy, has told friends and reporters that he's disappointed by Trump and MAGA Republicans and plans to sit out the next election cycle.

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