DoJ Says Bannon Deserves 6 Months (I Say More) - The Tuesday AM Quickie 10/18/22

Bannon did a whole lot of sowing over the past decade. Now he's starting to reap (and probably reek, if his number of shirts are any clue). – Jack

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DOJ Wants Bannon Behind Bars For 6 Months. Why Not Just Keep Him There?

News today: the Department of Justice is recommending that far-right mastermind Steve Bannon get 6 months in jail for his part in disobeying the J6 committee's subpoenas. Here's what I recommend, in case you were wondering: keep him there longer!

Is Bannon guilty of an actual crime (albeit a very stupid one, not responding to a subpoena)? Yes. Is that crime a drop in the bucket compared to the utter moral rot he's oozed into the universe? Also yes. I say keep digging! I think there's more there!

A jury found Bannon guilty of contempt back in July, when he basically completely ignored that the J6 investigation was going on and refused to comply with any of their demands. The minimum penalty for Contempt of Congress is one month in prison, so it's notable that the DOJ is seeking a drastically harsher sentence for Bannon. The NYT reports that Bannon's blatant refusal to comply necessitated more than just a slap on the wrist in the DOJ's eyes, which is somewhat interesting in that it could be a bellwether for how they'll treat other Trumpworld figures that choose to ignore subpoenas.

Perhaps more impactful than the 6 month prison sentence, of which Bannon will likely serve little of, is the fact that he's also being saddled with a $200,000 fine. I'm sure he'll recoup the costs in additional podcast or GoFundMe or whatever scam the far right is using these days to drive outrage into dollars, but at least it's a start.

Trump Ripped Off the Secret Service

In news that should surprise no one, Trump did some petty price gouging during his time as president, according to records obtained by the House Oversight Committee. The committee report found that wherever Trump went to stay (at his own properties), the secret service agents protecting him got saddled with a hefty bill – $1.4 million in hotel charges. All that Treasury Department money, right back to the president's personal coffers. A good grift if you can get it!

Applications For Student Debt Relief Are Now Open

This will be a sort of public service bit here rather than news. Applications for Biden's student debt relief official opened on Monday. You can find the form here, at I've heard some anecdotal reports of it being wonky on mobile, so maybe wait until you're at a PC or have some patience. Per NBC News, all it asks for is your date of birth, Social Security number and contact information – no paperwork necessary. Here's more information on eligibility and how to apply.


  • Trump Wants Marjorie Taylor Greene In Future Adminstration  Should have seen this one coming. via Rolling Stone.
  • Tulsi Gabbard Flying to AZ To Campaign For Kari Lake Two huge GOP figures, united on the campaign trail. via Time.
  • Jury Begins Deliberations in Steele Dossier Agent's Trial Igor Danchenko, the Russian agent responsible for compling much of the information in the Steele dossier, is on trial for lying to the FBI. via NYT.
  • Chinese Missile Program Built on American Tech Ah, a tale as old as time (or as old as missiles). via WaPo.
  • Former CDC Bosses Say Trump Bullied Them You don't say! Our wannabe dictator tried so hard to make things even worse. via WaPo.
  • Kanye is Buying Parler Lol. Not even going to blurb this one, just, lol. via the Verge.
  • OKC Apple Store Unionizes The second one to do so nationwide! via NYT.



Number of deaths in over 60 cases in the latest Ebola virus breakout, which has forced Uganda to institute quarantines and lockdowns across the country.


10/18-Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day.


NBC News FUMBLES Herschel Walker Interview

It's SO easy to not fall for this guy's crap!

Rogan And Tulsi Push Right-Wing’s Furry Elementary School Hoax

This horrible and completely fake rumor needs to die.


Read this to die instantly (sorry, sorry):

“I’m shifting more towards Republican because I feel like they’re more geared towards business,” said Robin Ackerman, a 37-year-old Democrat and mortgage loan officer who lives in New Castle, Del., and is planning to vote Republican this fall.

Ms. Ackerman said she disagreed “1,000 percent” with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and erase the national right to an abortion. “But that doesn’t really have a lot to do with my decision,” she said of her fall vote. “I’m more worried about other things.”


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