And Now For a Cool Picture of Space - The Tuesday AM Quickie 7/13/22

Have you seen the picture of space? Well, even if so, we're going to look at it again. It's a bit slow news wise elsewhere, so just go with it, ok?   -Jack

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And Now, A Cool Picture of Space

Look. Are there important, life-altering things going on in the world of politics right now? Sure. But in times like these I think one thing that unites us is a cool picture of space. Look at it!

There it is! What you're seeing, as the President notes, is one of the first images taken by the Webb Space Telescope, which is pointed at some stuff which I can only describe as really really far away. Specifically, you're seeing the light from galaxies – galaxies – some 13 billion lightyears away. I'm not entirely sure how exactly to explain or even quantify that, or grasp it in my conception of reality, so I'll also tell you what you're not seeing: that Biden's poll numbers sank to 33 percent approval today. Ouch! That's a little switcheroo from me there, sorry. No wonder the big man was so quick to claim credit and promote the pretty space picture. He's polling at only 70 percent approval among his own party!

Anyway, here's some more ways to look at the cool picture. A version you can zoom around on is here, and I really enjoyed this short video explaining what you're seeing.


Democrats Schedule Doomed Vote on Abortion Access

Today in futile gestures: Democrats in Congress will reportedly hold votes this week on bills that would preserve access to abortions across the country, despite the fact that they know none of these bills would never make it out of the Senate. Their only miniscule value is as a roll call of exactly who is and isn't pro-choice, but since we know Democratic leadership is completely fine with anti-choice members in their ranks... who cares! This about sums it up:

Parkland Dad Interrupts Biden Gun Forum

President Joe Biden stood in front of a crowd of survivors of gun violence on Monday and demanded more action – but not from him, President Joe Biden. Read this paragraph from the New York Times:

Mr. Biden offered no plans on Monday to win Republican converts in order to pass a new gun bill through the Senate, or to persuade holdout Democratic senators to lift the filibuster and pass such a bill by a simple majority vote. At a time when activists have criticized him for not leading more forcefully on guns, abortion, climate change and more, the president closed his speech by reeling off statistics about people, particularly children, killed every year by gun violence.

“We can’t just stand by,” he said. “We can’t let it happen any longer.”

Sure looks like you can stand by! That's what everyone's doing! When this fact was pointed out by Manuel Oliver, the father of slain Parkland high school student, Joaquin Oliver, Biden asked him to "Sit down and hear what I have to say." I think Oliver and millions of other Americans would love him to talk less and act more.

Quickest Quickies

  • Rent Climbing as Fed Hikes Interest Rates Rents on new leases went up by 14.1 percent in the year through June. Usually they go up 2 or 3 percent.  via NYT.
  • Second Covid Boosters For All Not just elderly or immunocompromised. via NYT.
  • Biden's Approval Rating Plumbs New Depths As I said earlier, it's at 33 percent. Oof. Here's the full picture (and we've got more stats below). via NYT.
  • Uber Screwed Over South African Drivers More fallout from the big leak discussed yesterday. via WaPo.


94 percent

Proportion of Democrats under the age of 30 who said they would prefer a different Presidential candidate in 2024, per a new poll.


7/12: Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the week.

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“I’m just going to come out and say it: I want younger blood. I am so tired of all old people running our country. I don’t want someone knocking on death’s door.”

– Nicole Farrier, a 38-year-old preschool teacher in East Tawas, a small town in northern Michigan.

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Democrats Should Not Trust Liz Cheney
Continuing with today's theme of stating what should be obvious.