Democrats Flailing, Biden Waffling, Beshear Fuming - The Wednesday AM Quickie 7/6/22

Lots of consequential politics news today – let's take a look at the state of the Biden administration and then hop across the pond for a look at what the heck is going on in the U.K.  - Jack

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Democrats In – You Guessed It – Disarray

Oh boy, the Democrats. Oh boy! Ok. Some telling things. CNN published a story today by the leading centrist stenographer Edward-Isaac Dovere, which essentially wondered whether or not the Biden administration had the juice to do... anything... in moments of national urgency like the loss of Roe. For some context here, Dovere is perhaps one of the most deferential and biased reporters to the Democratic party machine that propped up Biden, so if even he is starting to dig into the alarm bells ringing around the party, things aren't looking great for the old guy in the Oval. The scenes from the piece are inadvertently funny in a frustrating way – the Democrats have even lost Debra Messing, one of their most deranged online boosters – which again, doesn't look great. Dovere quotes one member of Congress as saying the Biden administration was "Rudderless, aimless, and hopeless."

The strategy, it seems, is to lean hard on Roe to win the midterms, but as a recent Times piece notes, that might not be a super shrewd maneuver. Individual voter interviews are basically worthless, sure, but some of the quotes in this one are also telling – one character is a "pro-choice Republican" who says she's "so ticked" at her party for orchestrating the defeat of Roe, but also that she still planned to vote for their candidates in the Midterms. Welp!

And behind the scenes, we also have to contend with the possibility that the Biden administration is actively hostile to abortion rights. In Kentucky, for instance, the rumor is that Biden plans to nominate Chad Meredith, a conservative, anti-abortion lawyer to a Federal judgeship as part of some alleged harebrained deal with Mitch McConnell in which McConnell wouldn't stall out Biden's federal nominations if Biden gave him another anti-abortion judge in his home state. Lucy, football, scorpion, toad, etc etc. Fill in your parable or analogy there. It's an abysmally stupid idea, which Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (a Democrat) was obviously furious with – to the point that on Tuesday, his office turned over previously confidential emails related to Meredith's nomination to the press, essentially saying "man, we don't want anything to do with this guy, this is on Biden."

In other words, there's almost no one in the country who's happy with the President right now, and for good reason.


Georgia DA Subpoenas Trump's Inner Circle

Fani T. Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, isn't waiting around for the January 6 Committee to stop its big theatrical sideshow. And she's not waiting for the federal DOJ to take action. Instead, she's plowing right into Trump's inner circle in her investigation into election interference in her state. On Tuesday, Willis subpoenaed Rudolph W. Giuliani, Senator Lindsey Graham, and five other members of Trump's inner circle and related officials, including the J6 standout John Eastman and Georgia's own Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Willis is reportedly "weighing a range of charges, according to legal filings, including racketeering and conspiracy, and her inquiry has encompassed witnesses from beyond the state," per the Times. Excited to see what she turns up!

Boris Flails After Coverup Of Gross Sex Scandal Finally Stings Him

All right, ok, what the hell is going on in the U.K.?? Here's the skinny as far as I can tell. Boris Johnson, current PM, has been weathering scandal after scandal while in office, and most recently was caught out when it was revealed he had knowledge of misconduct claims against one of his former government cronies, MP Chris Pincher, who was forced to resign last week after allegations arose that he'd groped two men and been weird and gross to several more. You know, typical politician business. In response, or perhaps not in response, it's really unclear, the Johnson administration was hit with a wave of resignations, chiefly from Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, two incredibly powerful members of his cabinet. Politico reports that Johnson won't be losing power anytime soon, but who knows man! Things are weird over there.

Quickest Quickies

  • It's All Omicron Now B.A. 5 is the new dominant variant. via NYT.
  • Kinzinger Reveals Absurd Threats He Got Online All of this for participating in the Jan. 6 comittee. via WaPo.  
  • Highland Park Suspect Charged With Murder Seven counts of first degree. No motive yet still, though the profile of the shooter suggests he was deeply disturbed and deep into some fringe online communities. via WaPo.
  • U.S. Military Reinvesting in Cutting Edge... Blimp? Technology The military thinks the key to opposing China and Russia is giant blimps, and who am I to say they're wrong! via Politico.



Members of Boris Johnson's government that resigned in one day. Weird how even Trump never really inspired such open mutiny, but I guess both the U.S. and U.K. do love a scumbag!


7/6 Sam and Emma host Aaron Kleinman, director of research for the States Project at Future Now to discuss how Roe V. Wade being overturned is affecting fights for state legislatures around the country. Then, they are joined by Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President at the Quincy Institute, to discuss the Biden Administration's positioning towards Iran.

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“Chad Meredith should not be nominated to a lifetime judgeship. This is unacceptable at any time, but especially on the heels of six Supreme Court justices taking away a fundamental right from millions of people.”

– A joint statement by abortion rights groups on the Biden administration's potential nomination of anti-choice justice Chad Meredith in a potential deal with Mitch McConnell.

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