A Massive Win For Choice in Kansas - The Wednesday AM Quickie 8/3/22

The numbers don't like – take a look at the margins in Kansas's referendum on abortion. We're talking about that win, Pelosi's Taiwan trip, and more election results. Leggo! - Jack

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Kansans Choose Choice, Reject Anti-Abortion Amendment

This is huge: in a statewide referendum, Kansas voters chose overwhelmingly not to amend their state constitution to allow lawmakers to add new restrictions on the practice across the state. The stakes were clear: if the amendment had gone through, Kansas's conservative state legislature would almost certainly have passed some horrid law modeled on any of the other states' laws that are causing so much pain across the country. But Kansans said no, 58.8 to 41 percent – a landslide.

There are some interesting notes too: early data shows that the amendment provoked huge turnout, something that the national Democratic party is likely salivating over with the prospect of the midterms around the corner.

“The voters in Kansas have spoken loud and clear: We will not tolerate extreme bans on abortion,” Rachel Sweet, the campaign manager for Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, which led the campaign against the amendment, told the NYT.

This is particularly significant because of the heavily conservative bent of Kansas. Registered Republicans far outweigh Democrats there, but as the data in Wasserman's tweet above indicates, both Trump voters and Blue Wave types came out to vote against the amendment.

So where does this put us today? Well, let's take the win. For now, we can sit back and revel in the massive amount of conservative cope floating around out there – they're not used to losing on this issue, thanks to the Supreme Court. Here's hoping they get used to it.


Two Erics Enter, One Eric Leaves

Ok, yesterday's frankly inspired Trump endorsement has a resolution. After strategically (not kidding!) endorsing only ERIC in a crowded Missouri Senate primary that featured three Erics, Eric Schmitt beat out disgraced and nearly impeached former governor Eric Greitens to win the GOP's nomination. (The third Eric was a non-factor). Politico has a very funny story about the swampy lobbying that led to Trump's ridiculous double endorsement. Politic's baby! Awoooo!

China Announces Military Drills to Ward Off Nancy Pelosi

The presence of Nancy Pelosi is a disconcerting thing – you never know if she's there to legislate or do insider trading. In Taiwan, well, the Chinese fear she may be up to something more sinister: diplomatic shenanigans. Pelosi's Taiwan trip is now causing even more consternation in Beijing, and the regime has responded by announcing military drills as soon as the Speaker of the House landed in the country. That sounds foreboding, considering the "military drills whoops actually it's an invasion" in Ukraine earlier this year, but there's reason to believe the Chinese are more level headed than Putin, and will posture and bluster for a bit before resuming talks with the Biden administration. But I guess we'll see!

Quickest Quickies

  • Pentagon Officials Wiped Phones of Jan. 6 Data Taking a line out of the Secret Service Playbook, I see. via WaPo.
  • Burn Pit Act Passes Senate Republicans changed their tune at the last minute. via WaPo.
  • Patel Provides Fireworks at Boring Nadler/Maloney Debate New York has a weird 3-way primary coming up. This one is one to watch. via NYT.
  • U.S. Levels New Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs They even hit Putin's girlfriend! via NYT.
  • Justice Department Sues Idaho Over Abortion Law Yet another court battle to add to the list. via NYT.
  • Rashida Tlaib Crushes Another Primary Challenger These dorks keep trying, and she keeps putting them down. via The Detroit News.


$3.05 billion and $2.24 billion

Value of the foreign arms sales the U.S. just approved to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, respectively, making this a banner year in American gunrunning.  


8/3 Sam and Emma host Moustafa Bayoumi, columnist at the Guardian, to discuss his recent piece in The Nation, "Journey to Guantánamo: A Week in America's Notorious Penal Colony". Then, Sam and Emma are joined by writer Jacob Silverman to discuss his recent piece in the New Republic "The CEO Trying to Build a White, Christian, Secessionist Tech Industry". Then, Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor in New York, joins Sam and Emma for a spirited debate!

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“I don’t want to become another state that bans all abortion for any reason,” said Barbara Grigar of Overland Park, who identified herself as a moderate and said she was voting against the amendment. “Choice is every woman’s choice, and not the government’s.”

– via the NYT's story on Kansas's pro-choice win.

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