MAGA GOP Seeks Payback Against DOJ and FBI for Trump Prosecutions - The Thursday AM Quickie 7/6/23

I haven't heard a lot about NFTs in a while, but apparently they're being "liquidated" en masse as they swiftly lose value and popularity. Who would have thought images of ugly Apes would be a bad investment? - Robert

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7/6: The MR Crew is back with an EmMajority Report Thursday! She speaks to David Broder, Europe editor at Jacobin, to discuss his recent book Mussolini's Grandchildren: Fascism in Contemporary Italy. Then, she speaks to Amjad Iraqi, editor at 972 Magazine, to discuss the recent escalation of violence by the Israeli military in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin.


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Today you'll read about House Republican schemes to strip the DOJ and FBI of funding in retaliation for investigating and prosecuting Trump, a plan B for loan forgiveness articulated by David Dayen of the American Prospect, and how Lin Wood, Trump lawyer and election denial propagandist, is retiring rather than facing disbarment.

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MAGA Republicans Plan Retaliation for Trump Prosecution on DOJ and FBI, Hunter Biden and Agency Budgets in Crosshairs

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