Hurricane Ian is About to Hit - The Tuesday AM Quickie 9/27/22

Tuesday again? No problem. – Jack

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Hurricane Ian Hits Florida: The Only Question is How Bad It Will Be

Hurricane Ian continues its now-inexorable march toward the west coast of Florida, as residents batten down the hatches for the area's most severe storm in years.

The hurricane is expected to make landfall in Pinellas County, which encompasses St. Petersberg and is immediately west of Tampa, at some point on Thursday morning. Rain is already causing flooding in Miami as the storm sweeps up through the Caribbean and into the Gulf of Mexico. Look at this:

Tampa Bay airport is shutting down at 5pm today, and the port is shutting down by the time you read this. St. Pete's hospital is suspending services and transferring patients to other centers. Schools are canceled and everything is coming to a halt.

The greater picture has good news and bad news. The bad news is this: Ian's path looks remarkably similar to a worst-case-scenario hurricane that the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council mapped out way back in 2009, which projected storm surges of up to 30 feet in some areas of the bay.

Here's the good news, though: it doesn't seem as though Ian will hit the area with as much force as a worst-case scenario storm. Right now it's projected to be a category 4 at its peak off the coast of Florida, but degrade to a category 3 by the time it makes landfall. Here's hoping that stays, and that the storm surges aren't as bad as they can be.

This one is near and dear to me personally – I have family in the area and uh... am... supposed to get married in St. Petersburg in the very near future. So fingers crossed! I'll certainly be watching this one throughout the week.

Liz Truss Is Trying Trickle-Down Economics in the UK

New British Prime Minister Liz Truss came in with a bold plan: what if she simply did some Ronald Reagan Margaret Thatcher-school trickle down economics and oh no what's that the economy is dying? The pound is weaker than the dollar for the first time in oh man I can't even remember? CNBC reports that it's 37 year lows. Liz what are you doing? Who are these tax breaks for (the very rich)? Conservatives, man. They never learn.

Shutdown Watch: Manchin Machinations Coming This Week

What's that? Shutdown again? Here we go. Congress has three legislative days left, including today, to avert an end-of-week government shutdown, and right now the stopgap funding bill is in doubt because of, you guessed it, the whims and priorities of one Joe Manchin. The issue at hand is a poison pill – some energy permitting reforms that would help polluters like Manchin and his backers – being included in the stopgap bill. Schumer promised Manchin they'd get in there in exchange for his support on the IRA, but the progressive wing is pissed: they say Manchin's poison pill undoes all the climate gains they made with that bill. Stay tuned to see how this crapfest plays out this week.


  • NASA Shoots Asteroid With Drone Ship NASA's Dart mission shot a vending-machine-sized spacecraft into a football-field-sized asteroid and blew it up. Good to know we're prepared if uh... this happens? via NASA.
  • Russia Grants Edward Snowden Citizenship This bizarre political stunt could have been avoided if the U.S. had simply dropped prosecution of Snowden for his role in exposing warcrimes, but alas. via CNN.
  • Ken Paxton Flees Subpoena, Literally The Texas Attorney General, who is accused of many crimes but somehow has not been charged with any, fled in a truck driven by his State Senator wife in order to not get served. You go Ken, keep on rockin. via Texas Tribune.
  • Macron Macomin' to White House in Macember Sorry everyone it's been a long day. Macron is coming to the White House in December. That's it. Sorry. via NYT.


$400 Billion

The cost of Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, over, sorry, what? That's a disingenuous number? Oh it refers to the cost over thirty years per the CBO? And it's still less than we spend on the military in one year? Wow. Sounds like a deal to me!


9/27: Sam is back, and he and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. Then they are joined by Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President at the Quincy Institute, to discuss the recent widespread demonstrations in Iran.


Kyrsten Sinema Thinks You’re Stupid For Believing In Democracy

It's all about the filibuster.

Everything Wrong With US Journalism Encapsulated In This Meet The Press Clip

This stuff makes me wildly mad.


“The fact this could be larger than anything we’ve seen is very concerning. We have such a density of people, and we’ve put our greatest valued real estate and the tax base in really the most vulnerable areas. We haven’t had to make too many of those decisions in this area. It’s something hard that we don’t want to talk about.”

Libby Carnahan, a Florida Sea Grant agent and a founder of the Tampa Bay Climate Science Advisory Panel, formed in 2014 to help area leaders better understand the rising flood risks and find ways to become more resilient.

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