A Tropical Storm with a Side of Earthquake, Hilary Hits Southwest - The Monday AM Quickie 8/21/23

A downpour flooded my street and submerged the sidewalks Saturday. After that it was a gorgeous day. Such seems the new status quo for chaotic weather - Robert

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How 'bout This Weather? First Tropical Storm Hits California in 84 Years

Corey told you Thursday about the dry future for the American Southwest. Today and yesterday though, they're getting more water than they can handle; Tropical Storm Hilary made landfall on the Baja California Peninsula Sunday, sending deluges into Mexico and southern California.

The storm has already claimed at least one victim, according to NBC News; a motorist was swept away in an overflowing stream in Santa Rosalia, Mexico. Rescue workers saved four others from the flooding. It may claim many more casualties. The area around Tijuana is particularly susceptible to mudslides, with hillsides south of the U.S. border filled with improvised shacks that can be easily swept away. Mexican authorities constructed five temporary shelters in the city and mobilized 18,000 soldiers in anticipation of the storm, according to the L.A. Times.

Both California and Nevada are under states of emergency. About 9 million Californians are under flash flood warnings, per Politico. Los Angeles and San Diego attempted to secure shelter for homeless city residents on Saturday in anticipation of the storms.

SoCal started the day Sunday with a magnitude 5.1-earthquake, no injuries or structure had been reported as of late Sunday. Parts of the state already broke rainfall records by late afternoon, before the heaviest downpours were set to begin; some areas are expected to see more rainfall in three days than they received in a normal year, per Fox Weather.

Bigot Murders Shop Owner Over Pride Flag

Lauri Carelton, a mother of 9 and small business owner, was fatally shot Friday in her clothing store in Lake Arrowhead, California. The shooter "made disparaging remarks" about a pride flag displayed outside her shop, reports NBC News, before entering the store to kill Carelton. After fleeing the scene, the still-armed shooter was confronted and killed by police. As of Sunday, authorities made no indication whether or not they'd investigate the shooting as a hate crime, per the New York Times.  Carelton was described as a "pillar of her community," who helped to organize a "free store" to help neighbors with food and supplies after a blizzard this year. A local store encouraged people to fly rainbow flags in Carelton's honor. I think that's a great idea. Don't let the bigots win.

Over 1,000 Still Missing After Maui Wildfires

Over 85 percent of the wildfire-ravaged area has been searched in Maui, but over 1,000 islanders are still missing, reports Politico. The remaining 15 percent could take weeks to search, Hawaii Governor Josh Green told CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday morning. On a depressing note Green said, “We do have extreme concerns that because of the temperature of the fire, the remains of those who have died, in some cases, may be impossible to recover meaningfully. So there are going to be people that are lost forever.” Asked whether a large share of the missing were children, Green said, "that's possible." That's something you should know for sure pal. Meanwhile, in Canada's worst-ever recorded wildfire season, at least 30,000 households were evacuated in British Columbia, according to BBC News. Officials say that the northern city of Yellowknife, which is in path of a humongous fire, has been almost entirely evacuated. Almost entirely because some people decided to shelter in place...Let's hope they get lucky.


  • Trump Says He W0n't Do the Debates Because He's Too Far Ahead in Polling At least nine other candidates destined to lose to the four-times indicted crook will participate in the Fox debate.  via Politico.
  • Ukraine to Get F-16s Ukraine and its western allies hope that the air-crafts will help turn the tide in a less-than-stellar counteroffensive. via HuffPost.
  • Pence and Meadows Say Trump Order to Declassify Stolen Documents Never Happened I mean, he's already on tape admitting this. via Axios.
  • Russian Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon  The Russian space agency said the unmanned craft sent in its first post-Soviet moon mission "ceased to exist" after a collision with the lunar surface. Passive voice, but a little more transparent than "unscheduled rapid disassembly." via the Associated Press.
  • Buyers of Bored Ape NFTs Sue Saying Their Investment was Bad Sotheby's $24 million sale to FTX, and celebrity endorsers gave impression that investment was sound, the lawsuit alleges. As ugly and stupid as those ape images are, the buyers have a point. via Ars Technica.



That’s how many times more the CEO of Moderna makes annually than the median employee of his company. via Ars Technica.


8/21: Happy Monday! Emma speaks with Rebecca Ruth Gould, Professor of Islamic World & Comparative Literature at the University of Birmingham, to discuss her recent book Erasing Palestine: Free Speech and Palestinian Freedom. Then, she speaks with Jessie Kelly, a member of UAW Local 160 at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, and Chair of Communications for local 160, to discuss the UAW's potential strike that may be coming in September.


Capitalist's Favorite Climate Crisis Solution Is Total Bunk

The theory of carbon pricing is much different than the political economy of that solution.

Footage Surfaces Of Trump Henchman Roger Stone Plotting To Overturn 2020 Election

As Emma says, Stone is the Forrest Gump of fascism.


“The apparatus moved into an unpredictable orbit and ceased to exist as a result of a collision with the surface of the moon."

-- Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, after an unmanned spacecraft collided with the lunar surface. This was the first lunar mission for Russia since the Soviet era. via the Associated Press.

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