Trump Blitzes Past Haley in Super Tuesday - The Wednesday AM Quickie 3/6/24

The psyop continues: Taylor Swift wants people to vote. -Jacob

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Trump and Biden Dominate Super Tuesday as Haley Drops Out

For weeks, the only salient question regarding former President Trump's march to the Republican presidential nomination was what amount of public humiliation Nikki Haley wanted to suffer before she bowed to the inevitable. That's now been answered. Former President Donald Trump won 14 out of 15 Super Tuesday states yesterday. Only Vermont went to Nikki Haley, and it's far from enough. She's dropping out of the race today.

President Joe Biden won 15 states but failed in the sure-to-be-key battleground territory of American Samoa, where a local businessman named Jason Palmer emerged as a future historical footnote. While Biden maunders toward the Democratic nomination, the age issue isn't going away, but his campaign has decided to "let Joe be Joe," scheduling appearances on talk shows, ice cream shops, and influencer TikTok videos. Meanwhile, 18.9 percent of Minnesota voters chose "Uncommitted," indicating that some Democrats remain frustrated with his policies.

Americans voted in a number of other potentially important primary races on Tuesday, most notably the open primary to fill the California Senate seat previously held by Dianne Feinstein. Congressman Adam Schiff took first place and he'll face the second-place finisher, former Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey, in the fall. A Republican, Garvey has risen in polls despite media reports describing him as essentially a deadbeat dad who refused to acknowledge one child and abruptly broke off contact with another. As with Trump's spectacular number of personal defects, Garvey's behavior doesn't seem to matter. But Schiff is likely to come out on top in November.

Donald Trump Met With Elon Musk at Mar-a-Lago

Former president Trump recently met with Elon Musk and three other unnamed Republican donors, according to the New York Times. An X account that tracks Musk's private jet travel showed Musk flying between Austin and Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend. More than the usual glad-handing with deep-pocketed potential donors, the meeting was a reflection of Trump's desperate need for campaign cash as his own finances are in tatters. He faces hundreds of millions of dollars in civil fines and legal expenses.

Few people have more money than Musk – at least on paper, since Musk has deep debts from acquiring Twitter and was recently denied a $55.8 billion pay package by a Delaware court. But Musk's public support alone would be a huge boon for Trump. And if Musk were to persuade Trump to return to X, the newly reconfigured platform, where Musk's blue-check-wielding superfans are elevated in replies, would be a potentially major source of media influence and pro-Trump propaganda.

Musk and Trump have clashed in the past, but things have changed in recent years. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that Musk has changed. The $198 billion man has become an anti-woke zealot, imbibing practically every MAGA-era far-right conspiracy theory and emerging as a feverish political operator. Even if he doesn't open his substantial wallet, his support for Trump in November seems inevitable. And valuable.

Congress Threatens to Undermine Biden's Antitrust Agenda

The proposed spending deal to keep the U.S. government functioning would come at a cost to the Biden administration's antitrust powers at a time when agencies across the government are working to check corporate power. The spending bill would divert a portion of corporate filing fees that currently help pay for Department of Justice antitrust enforcement.

“Diverting these fees is just wrong,” said Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. "The [Department of Justice] is going up against major monopolies with unlimited legal resources, and we must even the playing field for consumers and small businesses.”

It'd be an awkward time to cut into antitrust enforcement. The DoJ is pursuing litigation (or is soon expected to) against Apple, Google, Ticketmaster, and UnitedHealth Group, according to Bloomberg. Under the leadership of neo-trust-buster Lina Khan, the FTC has discouraged potentially monopolistic mergers – like the recently called off deal between JetBlue and Spirit Airlines – and has vigorously touted measures to boost competition and lower prices. Khan will also co-chair a new "strike force" that will target illegal pricing. Less money for antitrust equals less ability to tackle the kind of corporate consolidation that has widened inequality and empowered companies over consumers.

“The army of lobbyists and lawyers representing Wall Street and Big Tech is doing cartwheels," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


  • Even More Charges for Cartoonishly Corrupt Bob Menendez DoJ prosecutors rolled out a new superseding indictment against New Jersey Sen. Bob Mendendez and his wife Nadine Menendez. They're now charged with obstruction of justice, in addition to other corruption and bribery offenses. The new indictment also accuses Menendez of receiving gifts to advance Qatari interests. via PBS News and CNN.
  • Right-Wing Extremist Wins NC Republican Primary North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who's expressed bigoted sentiments about LGBTQ people, Muslims, and Jews, won his state's gubernatorial primary by a huge margin. The "former furniture manufacturer" has declared bankruptcy three times and went seven years without paying federal income taxes. He has a good chance of winning in November. via NBC News.
  • Dartmouth Men's Basketball Players Vote to Unionize Thirteen of 15 players on the Dartmouth men's basketball team voted to join the Service Employees International Union yesterday. The university is appealing and other procedural challenges remain, but it would be the first union in the history of US collegiate athletics. via Associated Press.


135 million

That's approximately how many tourists visited Florida last year. While the state depends on tourism dollars, the hordes of drunken, occasionally violent revelers have become too much for some cities. As spring break approaches, Miami Beach released a video on YouTube asking rowdy partiers not to come. Towns across the state are touting increases in police staffing, new fines, and even temporary curfews.


3/6: It's Hump Day! Sam and Emma speak with Dave Weigel, author of the "Americana" newsletter at Semafor, to break down the results from Super Tuesday. Then, they're joined by Joe Mizrahi, secretary treasurer of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Local 3000, to discuss the union's efforts to lead the "Uncommitted" vote in the Washington state primary, coming up next Tuesday March 12th. 


Trump’s “MLK On Steroids” Republican Is A TOTAL Lunatic

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"In five short years, the senior Senator for Arizona has done the work of a storied Senate career. Her investments in trust and genuine relationships with her colleagues unlocked massive opportunities for the people of her state and the entire nation."

-- Republic Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speaking in tribute to Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who announced that she would not be running for re-election. Sinema's embrace of the filibuster and tendency to break with her former liberal colleagues was maddening for Democrats but made her friends on the political right, which may come in handy when she's looking to get paid in the private sector.

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