Loose Bolts Found on Boeing Jets - The Tuesday Quickie 1/9/24

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1/9: It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day.


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Today you'll read about safety concerns with the Boeing 737 Max, the scourge of nanoplastics, and Eric Adams doing something pretty weird again.

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Investigators Look for 737 Max Plane Warning Signs

Boeing engineers and government regulators are scouring hundreds of 737 Max planes for structural flaws and potential hazards after a chunk of a plane's fuselage blew out during a flight last Friday. Investigators have found plane parts scattered around backyards near Portland, Oregon. The plane's cockpit door vaulted open and passengers' clothes and possessions were sucked out through the large hole that had suddenly appeared in the side of the plane, but no one was seriously hurt. The incident led to the grounding of 737 Max planes in the US and other parts of the world and a hunt for the kind of irregularities that contributed to past Max crashes.

They've found some loose bolts, which lit up newswires yesterday. More ominous perhaps: a pressurization warning light on the Alaska Airlines plane from Friday's incident was activated and then ignored – three times. Instead, the airline apparently prohibited the plane from flying over water. After-action testimony from passengers makes it clear that the plane's crew acted heroically, saving passengers from potentially being killed. But they were also lucky: people were wearing seatbelts, and the incident didn't happen at cruising altitude. Next time they might not be.

Israel Continues Fight on Multiple Fronts

When its soldiers aren't posting TikTok videos of themselves blowing up Gazan schools in massive rigged explosions, the IDF has been fighting in the West Bank, Lebanon, and Syria. Israeli forces have continued to make regular incursions into West Bank towns and refugee camps. Drone and air strikes, once rare in the occupied West Bank, have become more common. In the last week, Israel assassinated a top Hamas leader in Beirut and a Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon. It's also increased the tempo of its operations in Syria.

"Israel is carrying out an unprecedented wave of deadly strikes in Syria targeting cargo trucks, infrastructure and people involved in Iran's weapons lifeline to its proxies in the region," according to Reuters.

The US continues to help, supplying Israel with vital ammunition, intelligence, and whatever diplomatic cover it can still muster. US forces are doing their part to expand the quagmire, killing an Iranian-backed militia official in Iraq and battling Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. "I’ve been quietly working with the Israeli government to get them to reduce and significantly get out of Gaza," President Biden told protesters on Monday. Who believes him?


  • Eric Adams Denies Thing Happened That He Wrote Happened In a 2009 book, New York City Mayor Eric Adams wrote that, as a child, he once found a gun at school, pulled the trigger, and almost shot his friend. Now, he says that the incident never happened and that he didn't know the book, for which he's the credited author, was ever published. via Associated Press.
  • Bottled Water Is Probably Bad for You It turns out that most commercially sold bottled water contains tens of thousands of nanoplastic particles – tiny, microscopic pieces of plastic detritus that can toxify your body. “People don’t think of plastics as shedding but they do,” said a researcher. via CNN.
  • Florida GOP Replaces Leader Accused of Sexual Assault The Florida Republican Party replaced its chairman Christian Ziegler, who's under investigation for rape. via NBC News.
  • Football Trophy Won The University of Michigan beat the University of Washington 34 to 14 to win the college football national title Monday night. If this is how you found out, I'm sorry. via The Athletic.


770 Eastern Parkway

That's the headquarters of Chabad, a Hasidic Jewish sect with outposts around the world. Some unpermitted and potentially destabilizing tunnels were recently found under 770 Eastern Parkway and the NYPD was called in to clear the building to allow the tunnels to be filled in with cement. The whole story is still developing, hazy in its particulars, and more than a little strange, reportedly involving rival pro- and anti-tunnel factions and, of course, a secret entrance.


Mehdi Hasan Resigns After MSNBC Cancels His Show

I'd probably quit too!

Seth MacFarlane Rips Bill Maher's Antivax BS to Shreds

Bill Maher continues his descent into madness, but fortunately his guests are here to correct him.


“He did everything that a German is not supposed to do. He got divorced, he left his children, took off with his girlfriend, got into trouble with tax collectors, left his girlfriend again. But he is forgiven for everything because he’s got a good heart, he’s a positive person and he’s always ready to help. He doesn’t conceal his weaknesses, doesn’t sweep his mistakes under the carpet.”

-- Retired footballer Paul Breitner, speaking about German soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer, who died at age 78. Beckenbauer won the World Cup as both a player and coach for Germany, where he was nicknamed Der Kaiser for his steely dominance on the field.

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